Need a good all-around coffee bean

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#1: Post by amamet »

I'm looking for something different for myself, a good bean for espresso, French press and pour over. My go to has been stumptown hair bender or holler mtn. I don't always have time for espresso but don't want to get an espresso specific bean and never get to it because of time and let it get stale. Just wondering if any of you have found a good all-rounder. I like Intelligentsia and was thinking about black cat but wasn't sure how it tastes outside of espresso. Ive done the coulter culture to death as it's everywhere and like i said stumptown too. When i have time off i use my espresso maker often, but when i work barely. I work (freelance) in the film industry and my schedule is erratic at best


#2: Post by nameisjoey »

Nossa Familia Full Cycle is a pretty great all around blend. Another one I've always really enjoyed is Cat & Cloud's The Answer as a do it all blend.


#3: Post by Brother_Bluto »

I can't speak to pour-over, but will second Full Cycle. I used to do a lot of Stumptown and then RedBird as my all-round go-to for espresso & French Press but have been enjoying Full Cycle for a while now with an occasional purchase of Caffe Lusso's Gran Miscela Carmo.


#4: Post by nsuster »

I will also recommend Nossa Familia Full Cycle. Very versatile and always tasty. Check out Compass Coffee Roasting Delirium Blend as well. This is my favorite but might be harder to get.