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Discuss flavors, brew temperatures, blending, and cupping notes.

Postby rockethead26 » Apr 01, 2018, 7:43 pm

Most good roasters ship the day of the roast. I use about 3-4 roasters and usually get my coffee 3-4 days after roast. Most beans need to rest 4-7 days or so, so that takes care of most if not all the required rest. Most beans I buy cost $11-18 US per pound and almost all have free shipping when I buy 5 lb or so at a time.


Postby dragoic1 » Jun 29, 2018, 5:29 pm

where do you buy from ?


Postby toolate » Aug 12, 2018, 4:15 pm

sort of surprised no one mentioned Blue Jag or Redbird...maybe they dont need mention at this point but the value is hard to deny...
Josuma shows that value lb for lb : who else?


Postby copajoe » Aug 12, 2018, 7:13 pm

TomC wrote:Kaldi's Coffee uses massive fluid bed roasters. They turn out excellent dark roasted coffee that doesn't taste scorched at all. ... presso-700

just ordered a 12oz. bag of this, thank you for the recommendation!


Postby HRC-E.B. » Aug 16, 2018, 1:08 pm

I wonder what I did wrong with 49th Parallel Old School, because no matter how I ground or prepped, it yielded somewhat thin shots, with none of the viscosity I like from, say, a Malabar Gold, and with a more tart/astringent flavor than why I think of when thinking "old school".

Malabar Gold is great, though I found it a tad hard on my stomach. I wonder why?


Postby krpv » Aug 16, 2018, 10:38 pm

Can anyone give me their opinion on Peerless coffee, especially their espresso maranello? I was thinking about using it for my shop for some reasons like the sales rep lives near by and can help me out with many things, the price point, and it's a darker roast which I think on average people prefer. I'm pretty sure the majority of their coffees are nitrogen flushed and stay good for around a year, but had some concern about this. Even though it's nitrogen flushed there is an expiration date which means the quality is gradually going down. I appreciate any experience or advice. Ty


Postby Rich » Sep 16, 2018, 1:26 pm

I've been trying lots of recommendations in this and similar threads lately. Absolutely loved both Dolce and Vita from Vivace. But the recommendation that has surprisingly disappointed me was Black Cat Intelligensia. I bought a five pound bag of it recently, expecting great things. But no matter how I dosed and ground it, I could never get a satisfying espresso. It was tangy, but it was one-dimensional and lacked any depth or richness. No chocalate or nuttiness. And it was absolutely boring in a cappuccino. I don't know how the O.P. of this thread can put it in the same league as those two from Vivace. I honestly went through a pound of this stuff trying to figure out what the fuss was, or what I was doing wrong, and couldn't figure out a way to make it really enjoyable. Until today.

I was just about to give up on it, when I realized I had a pound of Redbird Brazil Sweet Blue that I needed to hurry up and use. I hadn't tried this coffee yet, but it seems to have a reputation of having a nice chocolate and nutty flavor, but being somewhat one-dimensional for espresso. So I thought: "what the heck, why not try a blend between these two?" I mixed equal amounts of the beans together and started pulling shots. Oh my God! I found the most wonderful espresso blend I have tried yet. The chocolate and nutty Brazilian mated perfectly with the tangy Intelligensia, producing a complex, rich, and delicious espresso and cappuccino.

So if you have some Black Cat Intelligensia and it doesn't measure up to your expectations, I highly recommend blending it with some Redbird Brazil Sweet Blue. Makes for an amazing espresso. Now I just have to order three more pounds of Sweet Blue to blend with the remaining Intelligensia in my freezer.