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I'm trying to find an espresso blend for a friend who is typically a tea drinker. He recently had some espresso in Germany that he raves about (mild, nutty, neither sour nor bitter). I think I understand this type of blend - something like Illy or Dallmayr Prodomo. Problem is, those blends typically aren't fresh enough in the US to retain the same good, mild flavors.

Any recommendations for blends easily available fresh in the US that world produced an easy drinking, middle-of-the-road flavor? Nothing acidic or fruity, but also not bitter or dark.

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I make my own 50/50 blend of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, light French roast, and Java Estate full city roast that fits your description. I buy them from Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Company, the best I've found in NorCal. Thankfully they ship!

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Try the reserve espresso from Linea Caffe I found it to be very low on acidity and bitterness.


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At $18.00 for only 10 ounces of Linea Ethiopian, I think I'll pass.