Maybe asking a lot, less fruit, more robust, but not smoky espresso

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chanty 77

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I personally do not like the citrus which equates to more sour, acidic, and most fruits. Now, I don't mind at all-blueberry, even tried one with cranberry that was quite good. Blueberry, even the cranberry paired well with the chocolates, caramels & nuts that I enjoy....a lot. Can anyone recommend an easy to pull shots, forgiving medium to medium-dark roast that doesn't have citrus and fruit going on. Thanks!

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#2: Post by dparrish »

Quite a few. Some favorites of mine: Paradise Roasters Espresso Nuevo (chocolate with a touch of cherry), Caffe Lusso Gran Miscela Carmo (milk chocolate), Espresso Vivace Dolce or Vita (caramel with touch of winey notes ) , Caffe Umbria Gusto Crema (a bit of fig note with chocolate).
I'm sure others will chime in with their favorites:).

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#3: Post by lancealot »

Nossa Famillia Teodoro's Italian Roast. Strait up chocolate. Not sour, not bitter. It says Italian roast but it is just a smidge on the darker side of medium roast.

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Pull it at 18g in and 36g out @ 200 degrees in 28-34 seconds.

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#4: Post by Jeff »

At some point in your journey, you might want to try a Brazilian Daterra,

I have to thank Luca for suggesting it to me. It has a lot of the classic espresso warmth and flavor in the bean, without relying on the roast, and generally low acidity and pronounced sweetness.

I've tried it from George Howell in their light roast and enjoyed it as espresso (Edit: I prefer medium and light roasts, others may prefer darker options). They also have it available in an espresso roast and what sounds like darker espresso roast ("Calabria Espresso"). It is also listed as a component of their current Alchemy blend.

Passenger also has Daterra, though it will be a bit until I get to the bag I recently ordered.

(There are likely other roasters as well. Those are two that carry it that I have ordered from recently. They both tend to roast on the lighter rather than darker side.)

Though out of order, the tasting notes on the GH site highlight their impression of what a progressively darker roast does to the flovors

chanty 77 (original poster)

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Out of the ones listed, I know GMC is very 'user friendly' & forgiving, what about the others listed? Thanks

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dparrish wrote:Quite a few. Some favorites of mine: Paradise Roasters Espresso Nuevo (chocolate with a touch of cherry), Caffe Lusso Gran Miscela Carmo (milk chocolate), Espresso Vivace Dolce or Vita (caramel with touch of winey notes ) , Caffe Umbria Gusto Crema (a bit of fig note with chocolate).
I'm sure others will chime in with their favorites:).
I haven't tried the Umbria but I'd agree that these are all tasty and relatively easy. I do think the easiest are the smokey quite dark (to me Red Bird comes to mind) and once you start getting away from that they have a little narrower range. But yeah, these are all in that next easy range and good, imho.

chanty 77 (original poster)

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I may try the Nossa Teodoro next. I don't like very dark roasts. To me, those are too smoky & bitter and burnt tasting. Medium to medium-dark but not solely dark. Doesn't anyone else get some sour from the fruits (not blueberry, but others?)

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#8: Post by MatGreiner »

This describes what I usually look for, too. The three comfort blends tested at HB all fit this bill, and were all very tasty. GMC had a touch of roast flavor. Redbird (all of their espressos that I've tried, Espresso, Jaguar, Daterra) are very good though they also have a little touch of smoke.

I've been enjoying Dragonfly Vivace Dolce for a few months. Smooth and chocolaty, slight hints of cinnamon. I'd enjoy a teensy bit of fruit for balance.

Wonderstate, née Kickapoo, has two excellent espressos that are like this. I drank their Heartstrings (used to be Infrared) almost exclusively for a year and found it extremely forgiving. It pulls great, but differently, at many ratios. It does have a pronounced cherry component, but stone fruits are more palatable for me than some of the brighter 'third wave OJ' flavors. Their Flyway is also nutty and butterscotchy, but lighter. It required greater attention to technique to pull consistently. Their Big Dipper is similar to GMC, Redbird, etc.

Blue Bottle's Hayes Valley and 17 ft Ceiling are excellent in this category, too. They are very obviously at their best following the tight ristretto recipes suggested by BB.

Even though they are lighter, Howell's Alchemy and Counter Culture's Big Trouble each are exceptional and fairly easy to pull. Dark Matter's A Love Supreme and its darker sibling, Giant Steps are both great, tasting of milk chocolate and walnut. I don't always love their Unicorn Blood.

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#9: Post by MatGreiner »

A side note: I recently had an espresso that surprised me with how good it was, despite being characteristic of the citrusy flavors I tend to not enjoy.
The Ethiopia Worka brewed on a Slayer at Wesley Andrews in Minneapolis was so balanced and smooth, almost like an Earl Grey tea. It was remarkable, and if more of the third wave espressos kept their citrus balanced like that... well, it would make a convert of me, anyway.
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chanty 77 (original poster)

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Thanks for all of that. Copied it. One thing, I used to use Redbird on and off for years--thought it was well rounded with flavors. Tried it again about 2 months ago, was very disappointed. Don't know what happened, but was just bland to me.
One thing I find myself confused about is that I begin to wonder if when my shot tastes more acidic--which to me acidic can also be a tad sour tasting--I used to think it was because I pulled the shot too fast, etc. Now I begin to think that maybe that particular roast has more acidity in it, to begin with, more citrusy fruits.
I am very interested in trying the Nossa Famillia Teodoro's Italian Roast.