Mail order decaf options for espresso brewing

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Hi All. I'm looking for current recommendations on decaf for espresso brewing. My tastes aren't exciting. I tend to like sweet, chocolates/toasty/caramel/molasses-type flavors without excessive bitterness and steer away from acidic, fruity/fermented stuff. Americanos are my daily, but I mix in milk drinks on the regular.

I'm exploring local roasters, but right here, I'm looking for mail order/subscriptions that roast and ship. I'm fine managing inventory for resting. I prefer it actually since I want to feel out the range of freshness.

If it helps, I'm brewing on a DF83 w/ stock burrs and Silvia Pro X. While I understand anything can be put through an espresso machine, I'm interested in exploring beans roasted with some intentionality of espresso in mind.

Thanks for any insights!

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With the caveat that I am only half way thru my 1st bag, I am enjoying pulling shots of Dark and Stormy from Square One Coffee Roasters.
Straight or as a Cortado ... kandstormy

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Esse Cafe decaf is quite good
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I'm not a decaf guy but one time I bought a decaf by accident and didn't realize it until I had gone through most of the bag. It was a Ritual Coffee Roasters decaf, their Los Gigantes, which I'd had before as a non-defaf coffee. I didn't drink the decaf and regular side by side but obviously it was good enough to fool me. Ritual makes the bold claim that they have "seriously the best decaf out there". I can't vouch for that but if I were going to look for decaf I'd at least try out their latest offering, whatever it is. I'm not a shill for Ritual. I rarely buy their coffee.