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Discuss flavors, brew temperatures, blending, and cupping notes.

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Preferably outdoors or in your garage spray down the box with a diluted bleach solution (2% should do). Let the box dry. Wash your hands. Open the box and remove the contents. Wipe the bag down with the same mixture and let dry. Transfer to another storage container. Immediately wash your hands. Understand this is all a bit overkill. The box is the most likely the harbinger of any virus including hepatitis and many others. The bag has been isolated during transport and likely no longer has viable COVID (who really knows). At 200 degrees for brewing you should be good. We now throw most mail away prior to it entering the house and clean the rest. We do the same for groceries. Germophobe? Probably!


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Spraying a bleach mixture is great advice. Spray everything you bring home from the grocery store, specifically your fresh produce.