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#1: Post by bobkat »

I have found that my wife and I like lower caffeine espresso beans......in milk based drinks. Carraro Tazza d'Oro and Carraro Crema so far seem to be very good to us. Can anyone please suggest any other low caffeine espresso beans? Thank you!


#2: Post by grover »

Maybe not super low but I found caffe lusso gran miscela carmo to not give me the kick I need. I would dose 22g and drink 3 shots. Very different than their Lionshare which I only need 1 shot of 15g.

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#3: Post by mkane »

If you're in it for the caffeine espresso isn't the way.

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#4: Post by CarefreeBuzzBuzz »

Caffeine is an insect repellant, naturally. So the higher grown beans have less caffeine. After that it only matters how many grams of beans are in your brew. Roast level doesn't matter. It's all math based on how much caffeine was in the bean to start with. See this write up and consider this information when choosing coffees.
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#5: Post by Jeff »

bobkat wrote:Carraro Tazza d'Oro and Carraro Crema
both appear to have robusta in them, so would typically be higher in caffeine than most straight arabica coffees.

Laurina coffee beans tend to be lower than typical arabica, but I believe they're pretty rare and often expensive. I have no idea on the taste.

bobkat (original poster)
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#6: Post by bobkat (original poster) »

Thanks everyone for your input. I have learned that Arabica beans tend to be lower in caffeine. The Carraro Tazza d'Oro and Crema have a high percentage of Arabica beans. I also read somewhere that, "If the beans are from Columbia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Tanzania, or Kenya they'll be Arabica beans, since those regions don't grow Robusta beans."

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#7: Post by mkane »

Espresso vs pour over. From what I've read po will have more caffeine due to water contact time.


#8: Post by macal425 »

I've been using Koffee Kult Dark Roast as my go to coffee for the last year. I find the caffeine content to be low compared to the occasional other coffees that I test out. I usually have 2 Americano's a day. 18g in, 27g out, plus water. I get a mild caffeine kick without getting jittery after 2 cups. I find that on the occasions that I try something else, the same 2 cups puts me over the edge to the point that I am uncomfortable with the caffeine. If purchasing, make sure to just get their basic Dark Roast. They have another Dark Roast that I believe has a higher caffeine content.


#9: Post by BruceWayne »

Some varietals of arabica like Laurina have less than half the caffeine of regular arabica. Robustas usually have twice the caffeine of arabica.

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#10: Post by mkane »

By weight a dark roast will have a higher caffeine content than a light roast. Why you ask? It take more beans to make up 20g of coffee.