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Discuss flavors, brew temperatures, blending, and cupping notes.

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I've been on a Coava subscription for a year that I've really enjoyed but I'm looking to branch out and explore the best coffees from a variety of roasters. I know there are subscriptions for this too but I'd love to hear people's favorite coffees - as specific as you can get (roaster, bag, region, type, roast level). Obviously these rotate seasonally but I thought this could be a fun thread for us all to catalog

Personally I am interested in medium, medium-light, and light. Medium-dark is my personal limit. I'm drinking 65/35 espresso/drip if it matters. But this thread isnt just about me, hopefully it can be a resource for us to find dozens of great coffees.

If you want to share your brew tips and recipes along with your favorite bean(s), this could also be a great starting reference point for others to experiment!

Looking forward to exploring everyone's different coffees :)

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One of my favorites up in your area is 10 Speed Coffee in Hood River. It's all I drink when I'm there. Their espresso blend is a really nice medium roast. Very smooth finish and not acidic. Brian the owner and roaster is very knowledgeable.
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I got a few lbs of Maromas Orphea from WLL to season a grinder with. On a whim, I decided to pull a shot and was actually impressed with how much I liked it. It is heavy on the crema but it is complex enough to make it interesting at least to me. I think with some profile tweaking, it might be a good shot of espresso when served with a heavy chocolate dessert.
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