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I love the flavor of Counter Culture's Big Trouble but want to find an organic alternative that I could get on a weekly basis (so it has to be a regularly stocked item).

Any suggestions?


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Hi Mitch - something of a shot in the dark - I have zero experience with them, I just realized they are in my neighborhood so was curious as well:


I did see the word organic on the site, but I am not yet sure how that applies.


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Counter culture has organic offerings. Read the flavor profiles and see which one looks like something you like. They are also super helpful over the phone, call them up and they might recommend something. I work 5 minutes from their headquarters, so they are one of my favorite roasters.


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Olympia Coffee roasters has many usually. They are also recently a cert B corp if that is important to you.

The Roast House Coffee is all organic.

Many roasters offer some but only a few have a constant organic offerings.
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Bear in mind organic has no connection to flavour. Same goes with fair trade, direct trade. They all target specific issues completely unrelated to cup quality.

Also organic requirements can impose certification costs on farmers while depriving of tools to protect crops

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I'd recommend Northbound regardless of whether or not it is organic.
Their roasting is why I don't bother anymore.

That it is organic is icing on the cake.


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It's been a while since I ordered from Northbound but I've always enjoyed their coffee. Thanks for reminding of them, I just ordered two pounds of American Beauty.

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Northbound has had organic offerings for a few years and counting. Not sure if all their beans are organic but at least a good selection is offered. We stopped there about a year ago and Keith was super nice (Jen was out of the shop on the day we were there), welcoming and friendly. He pulled a few shots for us on their GS/3. Good value!
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I just went back and looked at all of the Northbound offerings, and the only ones that doesn't say USDA/Organic on it is ones called Headstash (a Sumatran and a Tanzanian). Every other blend or single origin is USDA/Organic.

And thanks for mentioning that American Beauty is available again. I buy it when it is in season; the rest of the year it's Mainline for me.