Looking for a medium roast coffee with marzipan, milk chocolate, toast, and light fruit or floral notes

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#1: Post by Jquodt »

Hi there! I'm looking for a medium roast with marzipan, milk chocolate, toast, and some light fruit or floral notes. I currently have Gracenote Altura Espresso dialed in (chocolate, caramel, plum compote, sesame brittle) and it's lovely in milk drinks but a bit overpowering in espresso. Would love something a bit lighter like described above. Any recommendations for beans I should try? I'm based in the US : )


#2: Post by kurisuni »

i really like olympia coffee's sweetheart single origin. it doesn't hit all the notes you mention but it gets some of them.

also, you might consider looking into a coffee subscription service for a few months to get to try a lot of diff roasters without having to hunt around for them. i've been using mistobox and been really happy with the stuff i've discovered. and you get to set or choose your preferred flavor profiles.