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I'm in a bind with getting an enjoyable filter coffee cup on my Tricolate. Coffee that I can find locally, both at regular and speciality stores or roasters, tends to come out too sour. For reference, I tend to be able to get medium to medium-dark roasts, which I usually brew in 1:16 proportion at 90-95C, with grind size (conical SSP Red Speed burrs) that leads to roughly 6 minute drawdown for 400 ml. I have looked around for forums favourites and in some other places, but most of the conversations appear to be centred on roasters located in U.S., U.K., or Norway. I would much prefer not to have to deal with import delays and taxes for my personal coffee shopping, so any EU pointers are greatly appreciated.

To elaborate on my coffee preferences, I may be an odd-ball, but I enjoy a strong, bitter cup of dark coffee. I'm really not a fan of acidity, in long coffee drinks in particular, so much that I'm ready to compromise on flavour profile, to just get rid of the acidity. Likewise, I struggle to appreciate what I'd generalize as "fermentation notes", i.e. I enjoy washed coffee primarily. In terms of coffee I've tried elsewhere, brewed coffee at generic diners in Puerto Rico and Sweden does stand out the most to me, but I've not been to SE Asia, where I've heard coffee can be quite close to my preferences.

Any other suggestions for improving my filter coffee experience are also welcome. That said, I'm not in a position to get a dedicated filter coffee grinder, and even just a burr swap would be impractical, partly since I appreciate the espresso my setup produces.

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With these preferences I'd go for an espresso roasted (medium-dark) classic Brazil (e.g. Cerrado) or even an espresso blend. Nero Scuro makes absolutely incredible espresso blends, I'd definitely recommend trying one: https://en.neroscurocoffee.com/products ... 3013490746.
Other roasters to look at:

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Thanks a lot for the recommendations! I did order some from each back then, but it took me a while to get through what I had already, and 4 bags of this coffee. Specifically, what I ended up getting was

https://somospuchero.com/en/producto/la ... __trashed/
Didn't really appreciate this one, as the taste felt quite muted except for a strong hint of "spiciness". I likely didn't prepare it correctly, but it's not particularly consequential.

https://bugancoffeelab.com/en/products/ ... te-brasile
Didn't appreciate this one either, but I don't even have anything specific to comment - the entire bag just went by me without much thought.

https://en.neroscurocoffee.com/products ... 3013490746
This is what I'm currently drinking, and it's quite decent. I'm not the largest fan of its fruity hints, but it's much better than anything I've tried locally, and will at the very least stay around as the coffee for guests.

This was simply incredible. Solid body and texture, limited acidity, and great punch and flavour. It's not readily available, unfortunately, so I will be searching for something similar. Any further suggestions are much appreciated.


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I find that the dispersion screen draws some heat away. I usually use water off boil for the tricolate, with ratios from 1:18 to 1:22. Have you tried the coffees with another brewer?

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I should update my gear list, I was drinking all of this with Stagg [X] and 00 APRIL.

I ended up being dissatisfied with Tricolate's build quality, and occasionally annoying fussiness of using or cleaning it. Mine seems to have developed microscopic cracks around the corner seals, or something to the sort, as now there's a visible amount of unidentifiable "dirt" in the walls around corners.


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maybe you can try some damatteo from sweden, from my memory their roast is overall low acidity.

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I think you may want to try a good Brazil pulp natural coffee, and I suspect this espresso roast from Morgon might be a level that you might like:

https://www.morgoncoffeeroasters.com/co ... sso-brazil

These sorts of coffee are usually very sweet and low in acidity. I've tried the filter roast of this, albeit a while back, and it was certainly very sweet. The espresso roast is probably more bitter than the filter roast, but I'd guess it might end up somewhere near your preferences.

I'm not sure how expensive/affordable this might be for you to get, by the time it's shipped to you.
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