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Discuss flavors, brew temperatures, blending, and cupping notes.
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#121: Post by slybarman »

Took advantage of the free shipping from Lusso and just received 2 lbs of GMC. I enjoyed nicoletti and full cycle, but I like GMC the best of the three.


#122: Post by stahlee »

I ordered GMC based on the comments in this thread and t's now my new favorite. Very delicious and I found it quite forgiving. However, I just ordered a 5lb bag of Nicoletti since I do like to try new beans. See how it compares.

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#123: Post by spressomon »

No experience with Nicoletti; however my recent delivery of a Kg of Caffe Lusso's GMC is very, very tasty if you like chocolate, caramel with a little almond thrown into the mix. And its espresso brew perimeter is very wide: Easy and tasty to pull from ristretto to 2X dose. But it does like 203F or hotter brew water temp.
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Update: I have now tried 4 of the Nossa coffees. Here are my conclusions in order of preference:

1) Nossa Delicia: This was my favorite. Good balance of Chocolate and nutty, easy to dial in, basically no acidity. Can adjust easily to preference by adjusting grind.

2) Nossa Full Cycle: A close second, with chocolate notes, also easy to dial in, but a brighter finish than the Delicia.

3) Nossa Camila's Organic: Chocolatey and sweet, but wasn't distinctive to me. A much more distant third compared to above.

4) Nossa Teodoros: Harder to get dialed in, and with lingering bitterness. Maybe was just me.

Enjoyed trying all of these and still in the chocolatey espresso mood. Have some Kaldi 700, Kaldi Malta, Black Oak Duomo, and Black Oak Meadow on the way next!

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#125: Post by lancealot »

Thanks for posting this. I tried all these coffees 2 years ago and came up with slightly different notes on them.
I am reminded that coffee is an agricultural product and there are variances from season-to-season. Some roasters, I think Nossa falls into this camp, attempt to keep their blends consistent but raw materials change and tastes of those at the cupping table and QC table evolve. So do ours.

My out-of-date notes from tasting these coffees go like this:
note: this is all "as espresso"

These 2 are in the same 'flavor camp"
Full Cycle: Brightest of the bunch. Citrusy with traditional espresso flavors. Most 3rd wavy.
Ernesto's House Roast. Still 3rd wavy but not as complex. More approachable than Full Cycle for people not used to the 3rd wave coffee.

These 3 are in the same flavor camp:
Teodoro's: Chocolate in a cup, not much acidy. Most multi-dimentional of these not-very-multi-dimentional blends (Teodoros, Delecia, Camilla's)
Delicia: Almost indistinguishable from Teodoro's. Delecia is very, very slightly less complex than Teodoros. Why do they even have these 2 different coffees.
Camila's: Even flatter flavor profile then the other 2 in this camp. Why bother?

^^^ Don't use these notes for current purchase decisions. They are just here to demonstrate that things change. ^^^


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Thank you for sharing those notes! It's so interesting to compare tasting notes.
I definitely agree the conclusion on the Camila's is a "why bother". My sense is it's generally pleasing, without being too far in any direction, so maybe has broad appeal for that reason.
Note: My results were all for espresso as well.


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wachuko wrote:I really liked that Nicoletti...

wachuco, what parameters did you use? My bag is ready to go.


#128: Post by wachuko » replying to stahlee »

I tried several:

20 in 38 out at 198, 200, and 202
19 in 36 out at those same temperatures

All straight shots as I do not use milk...
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stahlee wrote:I ordered GMC based on the comments in this thread and t's now my new favorite. Very delicious and I found it quite forgiving. However, I just ordered a 5lb bag of Nicoletti since I do like to try new beans. See how it compares.
Do let us know, please. I just ordered the GMC to compare to Malabar Gold, and I'm considering the Nicoletti too.

I'm just getting back into espresso after a break. My PhD advisor had me spec and purchase (with lab funds) an espresso machine and grinder but then I graduated. I tried a number of the recommendations that have popped in this thread before settling on Malabar Gold as the best in the 2017 time frame. Everyone in the lab seemed to like it the best and I got a little tired of dialing in different beans regularly. But the wife finally agreed to the purchase of a Londinium R and Niche Zero grinder (arrive this week) since we're working from home during the quarantine. So I'm wondering if maybe my espresso skills have increased to where I'll prefer a different roast than Malabar Gold. Worth a try, eh?


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The GMC is excellent, and as noted, flexible in ways to adjust the flavor. Right now I'm wowed by 49th Parallel Blue Sky. Among my best ever shots pulled on a Londinium LR. Chocolate and nut with no "Ethiopian berry" component. Next up is Tandem Stoker.