Local Whole Foods has coffee that was roasted in September. Is it still good?

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Thats not exactly fresh, but could they still produce good espresso for milk drinks?


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yes it will and also great for cold brew


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I would get fresh beans from a good roaster.

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Awesome for breaking in new burrs

You're likely to have anywhere from untasty shots to severe problems dialing them in.

One rough guidance is that "espresso" roasts that are delivered in sealed bags (not roll-top ones) are generally best pulled between a week and a month after roast. After opening, they're generally "good" for about a week.

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I would never purchase 3 month old beans but if they were on my counter - sure, I'd use them for lattes.
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+1 What Jeff said.

You will likely have difficulty and frustration trying to dial in for a decent shot. It is highly unlikely you will get a shot you would enjoy, but you might come out with something drinkable. It seems you realize (based on your question about using them for milk drinks) that you will not experience any nuanced flavors.

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Why bother?

RJB83 (original poster)

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I bought a $6 bag to season the grinder. But yeah that will not be my go to spot for beans.

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Oh yeah, seasoning a grinder would be a good use for those beans


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The other day, I bought some very light, "filter" roast beans that were two months post-roast. (It was Christmas Eve and there wasn't a lot of choice.) The roaster is a well-respected London-based outfit. The beans are producing excellent, high-yield espresso.