Local roasters for espresso in Pittsburgh

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Hi everyone,
I recently moved to Pittsburgh and would love to find some good, local, roasters here to get my espresso beans. Any recommendations?


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Try Coffee Tree Roasters https://coffeetree.store/.

They have a few retail outlets, and supply beans for many local restaurants. I haven't been there in a while, but last I was there, they had over 25 SOs and blends. My favorites were the Java, Peaberry, Sumatra, and Vienna. They also had an Indian coffee that was so light and fragrant it felt like tea in the mouth, but I didn't see it on the site.

rg60614 (original poster)

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Thanks for the recommendation. Their espresso/cappuccino in the shop was pretty bad. Should I just attribute it to bad baristas and trust that their beans are good?


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I'm not surprised. When I knew them, the store employees were very poorly trained and wildly underpaid. I never bought anything but whole beans from them. (Though the Ghirardelli mochas from Fox Chapel have a special place in my heart... partly because I once spilled one all over myself in my car on my way to work. THAT was a fun day.)

Sample the beans before you write them off. Definitely ask for the roast dates, as they sometimes keep old stuff on the shelves.