Local roast, aftertaste won't go away

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Tried a local roaster. He is passionate, dials his grind throughout the day to keep his flavor accurate. I didnt care for it, all up front, nothing in the middle and a bunch at the end. Very similar to my marriages....

Purchased a pound of his espresso roast was able to get a few shots that were more balanced, but this aftertaste lasted the entire day and is not pleasant.

I pulled dozens of shots, long, short, preinfusion, etc, all the same aftertaste.

Went back the next day, shot was worse than day before. Purchased a lighter roasted blend and same aftertaste. Thought perhaps still too new, so I let them sit for a few days. Pulled a shot this morning, same thing. I took 2 small sips and stopped. Now everything tastes bad.

This aftertaste is in the back of throat and is granular tasting. Any idea what this is?