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Discuss flavors, brew temperatures, blending, and cupping notes.
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#11: Post by malachi »

+1 for:
Ecco Caffè
Four Barrel Coffee
Intelligentsia Coffee
Stumptown Coffee Roasters
Terroir Coffee


Square Mile Coffee, London UK
Mocha, Oslo
Coffee Collective, Copenhagen
Tim Wendleboe, Oslo Norway
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#12: Post by brokemusician77 »

I really enjoy Cupper's in Lethbridge, Alberta. Great coffee, great variety. They have 3 espresso blends (4 if you count decaf), and a wide variety of single origin. They will also sell you greens, and custom blend for you. All that AND their shipping charges are half of everyone elses's in Canada (at least for me).
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#13: Post by dialydose »

woodchuck wrote:A goodly list Jason. I don't get to many of these roasters but I would certainly second the motion for:

Counter Culture Coffee, Durham, NC (Aficionado still my favorite)
Intelligentsia Coffee, Chicago, IL (Black cat - better again)
PT's Coffee, Topeka, KS ( a great Sidamo SO espresso)

I'd also add

Caffe Fresco, Port Griffith, PA (love their Ambrosia)
49th Parallel Coffee Roasters, Vancouver, BC (check out their Epic espresso)


Ian - I usually ordered Toscano from CCC, but recently had the aficionado at a cafe in NYC. I was also really impressed and will have a pound on the way tomorrow. I am a big fan of CCC, in part because of their location. I order on Monday and have it here (in FL) on Wednesday with a Monday roast date.

Which makes me wonder about other east coast roasters. It seems like most lists are stacked with the West Coasters (which makes sense, I also went to the new Stumptown in NYC--awesome). Any other great east coast roasters that I have missed? I have ordered from Intelly and Metro, maybe some lesser known gems? Also any with favorable shipping rates (such as CCC's $5 flat rate). I am happy to pay for the coffee, even premium amounts, because it goes to the roasters/growers/etc.

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#14: Post by JmanEspresso »

Gimme! Coffee is Upstate NY, Ithaca to be exact. When I first got Anita, I adored their blends, awesome stuff. The leftist and platinum blonde don't do it for me anymore... Ordering them consistently for weeks on end will do that to you*. I do however still pick up the Occasional pound of the Piccolo Mondo... I still like that one somewhat. I wish they would note on their single origin offerings if they would "work" for espresso or not, but if you Email them, they'll be able to suggest some SO's for espresso.. If thats what you want.

CoffeeLabs, in Tarrytown NY.. Right on Main Street. On their offering list, they've only got one espresso blend, which Ive only had at the shop. They about 45 minutes from me, although the ride seems quick because Im always in that area..but I digress... IVe bought a couple SOs from them, they were good. CoffeeLabs isn't in my "rotation" for weekly orders, because, I use them when I need a pound right away, for whatever reason... Good coffee for sure.

Ohh.. And Barrington Coffee Roasters. They have a bit of variety espresso wise, and their Gold Espresso blend is pretty good. It starts out, to me, like a "regular" chocolate bomb.. But then you start to play around with it, and you can get some nice fruit as the main flavor. For me, its one of those blend thats really makes you want to change every variable to see what will come out of the spout.

Atomic Cafe is next on my list of Must Try. I keep hearing great things.

*This is why I advocate ordering from a particular roaster no more then 3 orders in a row, then going somewhere else... Coming back to favorites now and then. The blends from Gimme! I used to really enjoy a lot, and got really good at pulling them "perfectly", so to speak. Now... I dont even consider them when im decided where to order from... I just got sick of them because I ordered from them so many times in a row. Now.. Its 2-3 orders, and I try to get different stuff each order if they have enough selection... then on to a new roaster. Ill come back to my favorites from Time to Time.. but when you're always trying new things, favorites dont "hold their spot" very long. Point Im trying to make is, even if you really like a certain blend or bean... Continue to switch it up... You'll RARELY get bored this way, and you'll discover so much more great coffees.


#15: Post by ChristianB »

malachi wrote: Add:
With links:

Square Mile Coffee, London UK
Coffee Collective, Copenhagen
Tim Wendleboe, Oslo Norway
Mocha, Oslo

I do not know Mocha (the only other "roaster" I know in Oslo is Stockfleths).

BTW.: I live close to Coffee Collective and that is without question the best place in Copenhagen to get espresso.
Christian B.

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#16: Post by malachi »


Kaffa, Oslo

Note: just because a company is noted in this thread doesn't mean you can assume it's going to produce coffee you love. Just means someone on this board likes their coffee. Caveat emptor.
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#17: Post by r-gordon-7 »

Lighthouse in Seattle... (though these days, I mostly roast my own instead...)
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#18: Post by michaelbenis »

UK Roasters that I like and use

Londinium (great as is but will also bespoke roast or fine-tune to your requirements):
James Gourmet Coffee:
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#19: Post by Philg »

I don't know if it's great coffee, but I like it and they often get good reviews at :

The Roasterie ( (Kansas)) for drip.

They have several espresso blends but I haven't had much luck with them, I don't think they're not good, just haven't tried them much and my (so called) technique keeps changing; I should try them again.

The thing about The Roasterie is that if you spend $40, shipping is free. I get 2 two pound bags of S/O and it comes to $10 - $13 a pound delivered (UPS). Service is very good, coffee is fresh - tastes better to me after a few days, and I think it's high quality coffee. I freeze it in 300g (5 day) portions.

PS. They have a new website which is a pain, you have to click around to see prices, I think it's a work in process.

My favorite espresso roasters have all been mentioned

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#20: Post by stefano65 »

Medium light roast Wandering Goat
Medium Dark Full-City Coffee
both local ( to us) Eugene Oregon
Stefano Cremonesi
Stefano's Espresso Care
Repairs & sales from Oregon.