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Erik82 and CoffeeMac - thanks for the help. I'll give it a try later.
One more question: is there any benefit to use the conical over the EG-1 on these light roasts for espresso?
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I've had success with light roasts with both of my Kafateks (MAX flat and MC1), but I lean towards the MAX to pull all of the flavors out. You should be fine with the EG-1.
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Conicals are easier to get a visually appealing result but in terms of extraction flat burrs do a much better job with light roasts. Just use the EG-1 and you'll be good with a bit more practice. And if is hasn't be seasoned with around 15kg yet it'll only get better and much easier so just keep finetuning and you'll be alright. Maybe you'll even end up putting SSP burrs in it :mrgreen: .