"Let's Start a Discussion About Anaerobic Processed Coffee" | Coffee with April #093 [VIDEO]

Discuss flavors, brew temperatures, blending, and cupping notes.
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I found it interesting to hear this well-regarded Danish roaster put into words some of the thoughts that I've had about the latest hotness. 11:34
What I'm interested in is my worst espresso being fantastic - James Hoffmann

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I am just learning about this topic. Thanks for sharing.

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What I'm interested in is my worst espresso being fantastic - James Hoffmann


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I've been enjoying fermented processes. The sealed method, Anaerobic is a great idea which sounds similar to the way fermented foods are made. I've been searching around the net for more info on this process as well. I didn't find that much either. I was also wondering if the caffeine levels are lower using this method but I haven't found anything about that.
I just ordered 2lbs of Daya Bensa Anaerobic from B&W. Glad to see others are interested as well.
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Paradise is releasing a Kona pumpkin spice anaerobic. Too rich for my blood at $20 for 4 oz, but sounds very tasty!
https://paradiseroasters.com/collection ... -anaerobic


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I wonder if you can taste the terroir in it at all. Seems a little gimmicky.

Thanks for sharing the video tho OP. I enjoyed it. I just bought my first bag of anaerobic coffee from Black & White. Got the Daya Bensa like the person above. Still dialing it in. It's interesting for sure.