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Dragonfly has been on my watchlist for a long time and I could not pass up on their Black Friday sale. Decided to order Leam Hammer as it sounded more complex and interesting than CD (the latter sounds like a normal chocolate/caramel-heavy espresso profile). Would ideally get both for comparative tasting, but I presently have more than 2 kg of various other beans lying around the house...

FYI their Black Friday sale offers a flat 35% discount. Code: BLKFRIDAY35.


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Been going through the Leam Hammer bag ^. Really friendly espresso -- I am not sure I see the 95 rating, but it's very good. I thought it was more complex when I started pulling shots 4 days post roast than it seems now (about 10 days post). Definitely tons of sweetness. Takes milk well.

What surprises me the most, thought, is the depth of the roast. I would not call this light or even light-medium. It's a solid medium roast and rather well done at that. Wondering if it's just this batch or others have experienced similarly.