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Does anyone know of any US roasters selling Laurina? I had planned to get some The Barn in Germany but shipping from Germany is insane currently, 3x from even that of the Nordic roasters. I prefer light to medium light roasts if there are multiple options available. I am interested in trying for flavor but would also just like something low caff to drink in the second half of the day after trying to add decaf but not being happy enough with any that I've tried.

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#2: Post by walr00s » ... tural-250g only seem to be able to find it in Canada. let me know if you have any luck please

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As I hadn't heard of it before, from that link (and they do ship US)
Variety: Laurina and Aramosa* - these two varieties naturally produces around 30-40% of caffeine compares to other Arabica coffees.

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It looks like there was also a Daterra Masterpiece that's only Laurina rather than both low caf varietals blended. Based on pricing, I'm guessing this is a different lot.

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walr00s wrote: ... tural-250g only seem to be able to find it in Canada. let me know if you have any luck please
Thanks! Even though they aren't in the US shipping should still be faster and much cheaper without having to rely on air freight. I have had Daterra Masterpiece from Kurasu and it was pretty phenomenal. Have you had anything from Rouge Wave before? I'm curious on their roasting style, although I will definitely order some bags to try.

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I was just wondering how folks brew Laurina - differently from regular coffee? The only recipe I see is from Emi Fukahori's 2018 Brewer's Cup and the recipe is quite ... unusual, with pours at 80C and 95C, some pours immersion, some pours drip: ... -champion/

This is the Laurina Natural that I just picked up from Rogue Wave. The beans are very small so I wouldn't call it a particularly light roast; I will pull some espresso once I get a bit of a feel of how to get a decent pourover - my first attempt had me thinking I needed to brew at a lower temperature: ... 0g-low-caf
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I like Rogue Wave coffee. They roast interesting varietals and origins, and are reasonably light (for my taste). I just brought back 29 bags of coffee roasted in Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne from a trip and they weren't that varies in origin.
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