La Pavoni Europiccola + Lionshare = ??

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I have a La Pavoni Europiccola with grouphead temp, boiler pressure and piston pressure mods. Last year I tried Lionshare and GMC and found both super sour--couldn't get them to work. I'm trying again. My first attempt with Lionshare was 95c, 12g in, (didn't measure out), 10 second infusion and about 25 second pull. It was okay--not sour.

I'd much welcome parameters that have worked for LPE owners with these two roasts.



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One note: 95 C of grouphead temperature is a lot on a premill. I see people going for 75 to 80 mostly. For dark roasts with my millennium I stay just above 80, perhaps 82.

How and from which point are you measuring? What is your boiler pressure? These are questions that can help others help you, someone with a similar machine.

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ahess (original poster)

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I should have also mentioned that I put in the water-heating mod for the grouphead. I have an electronic thermometer with a probe against the side of the GH above the flair. At 95c, I measured water coming out around 203, which is what Lusso recommends. I'm assuming that it's the high temp that has gotten rid of some of the sourness. I did one shot with 13g instead of 12g and it seemed more sour.

I'm away from my machine for a few days, but eager for advice!

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Like yourself, I had problems pulling a good shot from Lionshare with a setup similar to yours. Took me while to figure out why people loved this coffee so much because my shots were sour too. Since using the following parameters, the coffee now tastes chocolatey and balanced.

86-94°C measured at the side of the grouphead above the flair
Elektra double basket filled with 14.8-15.2g of coffee
Preinfuse with a slow pressure ramp up

Good luck!