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Link to blog post/recipe: ... gust-2020/

Got my beans last week, so had a few days with this coffee. I'm not that crazy about it. Roast is a little too dark for me. Tried it as a pourover too and really didn't enjoy that. I've also had some trouble nailing the suggested parameters. Pretty finicky for a relatively dark roasted espresso blend. What's everyone else's experience so far?


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Pulled first shot this morning, I wouldn't call it dark. It's a medium-light roast by my eye.

First pull was to suggested params, I think I'll reduce the temperature a bit and slightly coarser grind. I pulled 18:29 grams, 35 seconds, with about 7 seconds before flow really started. I think that was just a touch over-extracted.


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I would agree with nuketopia. I adjusted the temp down from 204 to 202 with a 2s on 2s off prebrew and 30s total pull. At 204 the acids were too bright, though I may go back to it and see. also tried running it at 2:1 with 36 out, but didn't like this as much as the suggested 1.5:1


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This coffee seems to be getting better for me after a couple extra days of rest. I was originally getting some harshness in the shots, so I tried lowering the temp as suggested. This resulted in a sour, under extracted shot. I switched back to the suggested brew parameters, which with the extra rest is giving me a nice bodied, tasty shot.


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This coffee extracts easily, so it teeters between over-extracted and under-extracted. There's not much room between the extraction levels. However, it is quite good when you nail it. It is a pretty typical, "west coast" espresso and it will pretty much like many of them.

At 18g dose, I find that pulling 28g is a bit under and pulling 30g is a bit over, and getting the time just right also makes a big different. The sweet spot is pretty narrow, get the time and the output right and you'll be rewarded to a nice cup.


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I'm up at my mountain house so pulling shots with my Flair Pro2 and yielding much better results than with my home setup. Pretty solid espresso blend. Nice sweetness.


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Finally pulled a good shot of this on my BDB. Had to grind REALLY coarse. As others mentioned, this bean overextracts very easily and I was getting a lot of bitter notes if ground too fine. Shot this morning was nice with sweet almond notes.

Anyone know who this month's roaster is? No blog post yet.

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I also finally hit the sweet spot with this. I'm at 202 and a coarser grind with 19g. I dial down the pressure to about 3-5 for the last 10g. It's finally enjoyable (only took 1 bag).


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clc12rock wrote:Anyone know who this month's roaster is? No blog post yet.
Looks like Parlor Coffee. But I went to their site and their sell 8oz bags, are they really sending us 2-8oz bags? this is my 2nd month on the program and I thought it would be nice to have some curated coffee, but it seems to come at a steep price.


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It is pretty steep!
I've suspended my subscription, not worth the 39$ for the curating they provide IMO