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#21: Post by Nitz369 »

Has anyone tried it yet? I'm about 2 days away I think. I need another grinder so I can have a couple coffees at a time.


#22: Post by clc12rock » replying to Nitz369 »

Yea I've pulled a few shots. It's a solid espresso blend. Pretty good sweetness. Not really getting an discernible brightness from it. I haven't nailed the parameters yet, this morning's pull was a bit long.

I got another email from La Marzocco that said they're working to send another box of coffee. They made it seem like it won't be the same blend.

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#23: Post by Sgoldberg89 »

I suspended my subscription this month too. It's not worth it-I can curate my own experience without cost of shipping on Trade and have more fun doing it. Was hoping for more diversity and it seems like we're getting an upcharged meh experience.