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#1: Post by nuketopia »

April shipment from Red Bay Coffee. Looks like darker roasts, but I haven't opened them yet. They came the day after roasting. A second package arrived the next day with two more bags. Intend to call LM and see if they want them back.

Will give them a fair try, though my preference is in the lighter roasts.


#2: Post by cftarnas »

Still waiting for my shipment - and I live in Oakland! The tracking number I have claims the USPS hasn't even received the package yet.

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nuketopia (original poster)

#3: Post by nuketopia (original poster) » replying to cftarnas »

That's typical with USPS these days. UPS too for that matter.

Priority mail packages are often delivered before the tracking says they're even in USPS hands. UPS recently showed a musical instrument I ordered as "label created, waiting for pickup" right up until it was delivered.


#4: Post by danny31292 »

I'm finding Slow Burn pleasant, like chocolate milk, but a bit more intense than I'm used to in my cappuccino. As straight espresso, it's too developed and bitter with the recommended parameters. What do people think of Carver's Dream?

nuketopia (original poster)

#5: Post by nuketopia (original poster) »

Both are more roasty than I care for.

Carver's Dream a little more palatable than the Slow Burn.

I'm seeing flecks of oil on the surface of Carver's and a sheen developing on the Slow Burn. So both beyond my tastes.

Not my jam. Not a bad example of the style, but not my thing.