La Marzocco Home Espresso Subscription: Recent experiences

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#1: Post by Quirquincho »

What has your recent experience been like with the LM Home Espresso subscription? Are you still happy? Are you unhappy?

I have often thought about subscribing but was a bit hesitant because of the price. However, as roasters have raised their prices, the cost of the subscription has remained the same. It now seems to me comparatively less steep and the subscription more appealing.

At the same time, I have noticed that the occasional discussions around the month's coffee have slowly disappeared from this forum. I wonder if they have migrated elsewhere or if people have moved away from the subscription.

Have subscribers noticed changes in their subscription as coffee prices rise, like more frequent deliveries of smaller bags ("shrinkflation"), quality issues or other things?



#2: Post by beans+crumble »

I had the La Marzocco coffee subscription for 3 months earlier this year as a Christmas gift. I was happy with the coffee that was selected. 2 bags from a different roaster each month with a brew guide card for each. Nice variety of roasts types and growing regions. The only reason that I didn't continue the subscription is because I already had a subscription of my own from a local roaster that I'm happy with... I paused my own subscription while receiving the La Marzocco one. I enjoyed what I received from La Marzocco.

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#3: Post by dparrish »

I've continued to be a subscriber over the past 2 years or so. The fun is in never knowing what you'll get. Most roasters send 2 bags, one geared toward more traditional espresso, and another in more of the new wave (single origin, lighter roasts) category. It's a great way to sample coffees literally from around the world. It's well worth it, IMO.


#4: Post by danny31292 »

I've been a subscriber for a few years and overall am still happy. I appreciate the brew guides but am surprised more roasters don't suggest some sort of preinfusion. I agree that it has become a better deal with inflation. Every so often I get bags roaster darker than I'd prefer but usually they're still quality coffees. I recently got a DE1 Pro and have a monolith on the way. I'm thinking of pausing my subscription so I can focus on honing my skills on coffees most suited to the monolith.


#5: Post by larscoffee »

I actually just subscribed a few days ago. Looking forward to seeing what kinds of roasters and coffees they curate. Would be excited to start some threads about incoming coffees.

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#6: Post by DoubleR »

My first subscription delivery is coming this month. Hopefully my new Linea Micra arrives soon... if not I'll be pulling these through my Picopresso since I sold my old machine too early, thinking the Linea would've been here by now.... In any case, looking forward to seeing what roasters will arrive this month.

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#7: Post by dparrish »

I think La Marzocco does a good job in choosing a variety of roasters to present their coffees. They always provide a nice tri-fold colorful guide to the coffees sent, giving background information and suggested brewing parameters. I've discovered some great new finds and continue to subscribe. The fun is in not knowing what to expect each month :).

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#8: Post by Ben Z. »

Joining this. Price seems pretty much what the roasters would charge and hopefully they'll be putting their best foot forward. I'm at a bit over 5 weeks for my 4-6 week estimate on the micra, so I should have it in time for February's coffee!

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#9: Post by DoubleR »

Hoping mine arrives in time for the January shipment.... Maybe I'm overly optimistic. If so I'll freeze the beans and push them through my pico until the LMLu arrives.


#10: Post by bbeaton »

Really intrigued by this! I have a few local roasters around me that I support, but I'm always looking to stretch my LMLM's wings a bit. For the 2 bags, are they usually 12oz? 6oz?