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Discuss flavors, brew temperatures, blending, and cupping notes.

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Ben Z. wrote:How many grams and what temp did you use? Seems like 18 grams of this coffee is the most I can fit in the basket that came with the machine.
200 F. 18 in 36 out in 30 seconds after 5 seconds preinfusion was best so far. But maybe also because I pulled it into a cortado cup (for the first time) so more of the aromatics hit my nose. I wouldn't want this as a ristretto but it is good to me at 1.5:1 or longer.

Ben Z.

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Thanks. Did the first head-to-head with the major and the niche today. Got them both dialed in to the same timing, etc. I have no where near enough data for conclusions, but I liked this espresso from the major better. It was less sour and still had the complex flavors. No real thoughts about flavor "separation" and "clarity". On the other hand, the niche made a way better looking pull using the bottomless. More even, etc. I noticed little clumps in the major grind that didn't really want to break up even with wdt.

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I pulled a 15g dose with around 33 out at 200 degrees. I liked the Peruvian better than than the Ethiopian so far. Agreed that these are pretty light in roast, I waited until around 15 days to start pulling shots (mainly because I had to get through a different bag). Overall I like it, though it is lighter than my normal go to's.

Ben Z.

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This month's experience.

I tried about 60% of the espresso blend bag using their recommendations (pulled out my old triple basket). It's good, but too acidic, imo. Finally tonight I tried the lm 18g basket. Had to grind a full notch finer on the major. So much better balanced. Same extraction ratio and time.
Love this coffee now. Is this just because I could grind finer? And is that because of 10% less grinds or because of the precision basket?

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Roaster: Noble Coffee Roasters

Bean 1: Ethiopian Jibicho, Banko Gotiti, Gedeo Zone
Producer: Matriarch Behatu Jibicho & Family
Elevation: 1800 to 1900 masl
Process: Natural

Bean 2: Pompadour, Ethiopian 'Gerbicho Lela', Guatemalan 'Attila's', Peruvian 'Yanatile'
Process: Washed

My real quick take on Bean 2, Pompadour. I loved this blend. It arrived to my 5 days off roast and I immediately vacuum sealed 60g doses and froze them, pulling a new 60g bag out every other day. I pulled shots at a 1:2 ratio at around 25 to 30 seconds. The result was a nice full body shot that left a long and pleasant aftertaste.

As for Bean 1, Jibicho. So far I'm disappointed. The color of beans is not uniform and has a significant amount of lighter colored beans. I'm trying to work through the concern, but for the moment I've put the beans back into the freezer and will re-visit in a different state of mind.

Ben Z.

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So, cracked the Ethiopian a couple of days ago (was frozen upon receipt). I like this the best of the 4 bags tried so far. It also pulls the most evenly. Most recent shot was very well balanced and I pulled according to the recommendations, except that I needed about 32 seconds to get the recommended amount out. Floral, cinnamon, and nice balance of savory and sweet with just a bit of acidity.

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Stereo Heathen

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This is my first coffee subscription (for myself) and the big selling points for me are price (comparable to my local roaster's regular espresso blend) and getting to try different coffees without having to pick them!

I thoroughly enjoyed last month's coffees from Noble, and just broke into the blend from Tiny Arms today. It's actually on the darker/roastier side of what I'd normally go for, but pulls well in their suggested parameters (scaled to 16:32 rather than 18:36). I don't really get the "strawberry rhubarb" note listed, but again most of what I taste is roast tones, which is still pleasant and fine.

Haven't broken into either of the SOs yet (3 x 8oz bags rather than 2 x 12oz is cool though, the more variety the better as far as I'm concerned), but I have a suspicion they'll be a bit lighter/brighter given the 1:2.25 suggested brew ratio.

Ben Z.

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And, I get to adjust the temperature on the micra for these beans!

This is the hottest recommendation I've seen so far.

Ben Z.

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Wasn't a fan of the espresso blend, but the Myanmar coffee is great. I keep smelling the cup after drinking it - really cool aroma.


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This month's Bean & Bean recommendations are tough on my Micra without taking it apart (5 bars pressure). Guatemala Orange Honey will be my first lighter roast but sounds really interesting. Should I adjust pressure or are there other options? Maybe try the Downtown Blend first although it has the same 5 bar recommendation but is a medium-dark?