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Discuss flavors, brew temperatures, blending, and cupping notes.
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From what I've read they are normally 12 oz bags, but I'm sure someone else can confirm.


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bbeaton wrote:Really intrigued by this! I have a few local roasters around me that I support, but I'm always looking to stretch my LMLM's wings a bit. For the 2 bags, are they usually 12oz? 6oz?
I had the subscription from 2019 - early 2021 and whenever I got coffee from US based roasters, they were 2x 12oz bags. IIRC, I received some non-US coffee and they were 2x 200g bags - one time I think we got 3 bags but I don't remember what size they were. I believed we received beans from Germany (Five Elephant) as well as S Korea (Fritz Coffee)

Overall I enjoyed it but I've put it on hold since I realized that I was unable to follow the suggested recipes due to my inability to easily change the temperature and in some cases the pressure on my machines at that time (NS Oscar, Elektra MicroCasa) and at $39 USD I felt like I was not getting the full benefit of the subscription. In general, the offerings leaned toward lighter roast beans (fruity, floral) and my palate was still adjusting from being used to chocolate type flavors instead of fruity/florals. I now have equipment that will allow me to change the temp/pressure/profile easily (Decent DE1PRO) and once I become more proficient with its use I'm considering turning the subscription on again.
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I'm in my 3rd month of it and it's fun. I get paralyzed over what new bean to try so this is a great way to get introduced to lots of new stuff. Price wise it's typically cheaper through the subscription once you take shipping into account so from a value aspect it's good.

I keep us stocked in the house with a blend for my wifes lattes and to fill the gaps as we go through a pound a week on average, and that method seems to work well. I'll def be continuing the subscription.

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January beans delivered, and unfortunately I'm still waiting on my Linea Micra to arrive. I really jumped the gun on selling my old machine, lol. I'm probably going to push a few shots through my Picopresso and then freeze the beans. The roaster this month is Square One Coffee out of Lancaster, PA. 1x 12 ounce single origin Zamiba and 1x 12 ounce blend. If you buy the two coffees directly from Square One it would $43.85 (beans plus shipping cost). The subscription service through La Marzocco is $39 including shipping. I'd say the La Marzocco subscription is a pretty good deal from a cost standpoint.


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How do you have yours already? I don't think mine has even shipped.

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Lol, not sure. They arrived today. I live in Pittsburgh, which, is a few hours away from the roaster location in Lancaster. Possibly I got mine vast due to my location.


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I'm looking forward to them, enjoy.

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Anyone have any thoughts on the new beans?


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Just got my first subscription. This month it's from Wonderstate Coffee:
Really nicely packaged. I've only tried the bag of Peruvian beans. Was surprised how light they are, but they pulled a delicious 2:1 shot on my Micra. I learned yesterday on one of the Tim Wendelboe podcasts that they use less-than-warm espresso cups when they pull shots to reduce the acidity and that has really worked. These are certainly the lightest-roasted beans I've ever pulled a shot with.

(Makes a good v60 as well, but that was no surprise.)

So far $40 well spent.

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How many grams and what temp did you use? Seems like 18 grams of this coffee is the most I can fit in the basket that came with the machine.