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Discuss flavors, brew temperatures, blending, and cupping notes.

#51: Post by Charliehustlehops »

I had my subscription for a little over a year before I canceled it.

For my preferences it was a little inconsistent in terms of selection but I would say its a pretty good deal on a monthly basis.

Side note Onyx's coffee when they were featured was awesome if anyone else got a chance to try it.

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#52: Post by jtbenson »

going to sign up for this now.
my wife and I moved from Chicago three hours west to Dubuque, Iowa a few years ago. Did intelligentsia sub (old habits die hard), then blue bottle, then black rifle, and now going to try LM for the variety.
I miss being two blocks from Intelligentsia roastery and being able to walk in and buy in person, not to mention having other great local options like dark matter, metropolis, etc.
hopefully the variety is interesting and easy to dial on grinder and machine. has anyone struggled with or regretted this aspect of it? i know they offer suggestive notes, but i hate wasting beans redialing grinder and "tuning" extraction to get the best out of the beans.


#53: Post by pcrussell50 »

I have it. More or less enjoy it. Keeps me from getting only light roasts all the time. Disclosure: I've never had any other subscription to compare with. Coffees have ranged from reasonable at the worst, to very good.

One of the the things I I like best about it is not the coffee itself but discussing technique and results with other HB'ers that have the subscription and are working the same coffee as well. Helps sharpen barista and tasting skills when you can correlate with others

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This was one of the main reasons I wanted to try it. For the parameters given for each roaster. Do you feel you it's overpriced for only 2 bags? My only concern is two bags doesn't do it for me. I'd still need to buy additional coffee throughout the month.


#55: Post by pcrussell50 » replying to Ajwalter89 »

I have not shopped exhaustively, but compared to subscriptions from local roasters, it's not otherworldly overpriced. And you're not just limited to the local roaster. And again it's value to me is being able to discuss with others tasting notes and extraction techniques.

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Do they provide a different set of brew parameters with the order? Looks like online just links to the roasters website.
Yes, i you per this on an iPhone


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I have been thinking about one of these subscription services as well, so this is all very helpful information. I didn't know La Marzocco had one. I had looked into Intelligentsia, Driftaway, and Counter Culture. I too would appreciate something that wasn't too heavy on light roasts.


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If you want variety, the La Marzocco subscription is the way to go. You get something different, from a different roaster, every month, literally from all over the world. So many different styles and interpretations.

A roaster's subscription will be a bit more homogenous, you might get different beans, selected and roasted by the same roaster.


#59: Post by caeffe »

Have had the subscription now since June 2019. Will say I've been mostly happy about it.
Best thing is the variety provided from different roasters around the world, not just USA. Also, the recommended dose and time is helpful.

One negative from a coffee from outside the USA is that it comes in a smaller 250g bag rather than a 12 oz bag but then again they tell you this up front and its understandable considering the shipping costs incurred.

Couple of wishes:
Provide some sort of heads up as what the upcoming shipment would be - sort of an approval subscription process; at least a hint of what sort of flavor profile is coming so one can then decide whether to approve shipment or not. They've been somewhat leaning more towards the light fruity roasted varieties lately.
Would be nice if they can do a mixture of roasts more often. Usually they ship 2 of the same roast/flavor.
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