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#1: Post by nuketopia »

The March 2021 subscription arrived a little early, but I'm just getting into it this morning.

The two 12oz bags arrived without the usual card with descriptions and recommended parameters. Mine were roasted on 3/6.

Started on the Orbital Motion this morning. This roast is notably lighter than most. It is a blend of Peru and Ethiopia sourced beans. Recommended params are 18g in, 34g out, 22-28s at 202f, 9-bar, no pre-infusion.

First pull was right in the ballpark. Light body, bright but not overly so, lingering clean flavors. Good straight up or in a shot. Nice floral notes, a bit of stonefruit and a little bit of warm spice to round it out. Slightly adjusting the grind tighter brought out a little more body, but essentially the same profile.

Thumbs up from me. Going to like this one a lot.

Haven't opened the Galactic Standard blend yet.


#2: Post by brentvdg »

I'm also really enjoying these. I have stuck to the recipe card so far, and I'm getting just about all the flavors they mentioned.

I went back to them for 5lb of Galactic Standard, which I think is equally impressive as a straight shot or in milk.

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#3: Post by danny31292 »

For April's shipment did anyone get two packages for a total of 4 bags?

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#4: Post by walr00s »

Sorry, maybe I'm blind, how do I sign up for this?

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#5: Post by jtbenson »

go to the la marzocco home main site (do not want to direct post the url here, as unsure of rules about that)
hover on the 'shop' dropdown on main menu, then select 'espresso subscription'

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#6: Post by walr00s »

Oh, I see, so it just happens to be brandywine this month? I thought it was some persistent collab. I love brandywine

nuketopia (original poster)

#7: Post by nuketopia (original poster) »

I got double shipped too for April too.

Will start a new thread for Red Bay. The Brandywine coffees were excellent.