La Esmeralda Mario Carnival Gesha

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Postby BillBurrGrinder » Sep 16, 2018, 11:40 am

Has anyone ever heard of this Gesha? I'm not quite versed in anything about Geshas. I love Kenya beans, possibly more than ethiopias. I do not drink them as pour over or drip though. I brew a shot and add hot water to mimick a drip brew and get some fantastic cups with this method.

I see this on George Howell website and curious. Any tips on pulling Gesha as espresso for "americano" type cup? Higher temp, lower temp, short or long etc. Please no pourover tips, I've found I like the espresso hot water method much better than pourover through my Kone.

Also what is your experience with pulling Gesha as espresso/americano?


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Postby TomC » Sep 16, 2018, 8:41 pm

I'm usually checking GHC every Thursday and Friday, I think it's Friday when the Limited Roast access is actually opened up. Were you able to buy some of this?

It would be a bit foolish to try to offer advice on how to pull it as espresso. I wouldn't even want to try. I have much cheaper geisha that I can pull for an americano.


Postby BillBurrGrinder » Sep 17, 2018, 12:22 am

Cool, what trends do you see with Gesha. Similar to pulling any "difficult" Ethiopian? Got some on the way. Sure I'm dialed in pretty close but if temp needs to drop or raise...ya know?


Postby clc12rock » Sep 17, 2018, 8:45 am

Counter Culture had an Esmerelda like 5 or 6 years ago that was the best coffee I've ever had. I didn't pull any shots of it, but made it as a pourover. I assume it's the same coffee. It was super floral, almost more tea-like than coffee. I might try to snag some of this George Howell. Looks like this round of bags sold out, did you get any?


Postby BillBurrGrinder » Sep 17, 2018, 10:15 am

Yes I ordered a bag. Interested in seeing how it works as a 1:3 Americano! I'll post my results as soon as I pull a few.


Postby BillBurrGrinder » Yesterday, 10:27 pm

The beans were delivered today. Just smelling them through the bag they remind me of a Kenya (SL28 & 34). I squeezed everything out so I can't disect the notes now :roll:

They were roasted on Monday 9/17 so I will pull my first shot tomorrow night. Saturday morning I will adjust as needed and do a 1:2.5 Americano. I have no expectations of what Gesha will taste like so this is a great experiment that might help others wondering if the beans are worth the price, unique as praised, or what varietals they are similar to, if any. Since I love everything from light roast to dark roast I can only judge the flavor based on uniqueness and comparing to all other coffees I have had, no bias towards lights or darks. I am no coffee racist.

This coffee smells very very good. Like a bushel of plums.


Postby BillBurrGrinder » Today, 7:11 pm

First shot...

15.5g in (I do not use triple baskets or load 20+ grams)
30g out
10sec preinfusion
The shot came out in about 24sec
Add 80g hot water

All I can say is... good tasting balanced mellow but decent body and flavorful coffee.

This did not blow me away like some Kenya coffees have. At least not on first impression. I'll pull one a little longer tomorrow 30-35sec and see what that does. Great smooth coffee. Very smooth. The acidity is not sharp. Clean tasting too.

First impression:
Great smooth good tasting coffee...but not worth the price in my opinion. But let's see what happens throughout the rest of the bag.