Klatch Coffee recommendations?

Discuss flavors, brew temperatures, blending, and cupping notes.

#1: Post by randytsuch »

I'm a creature of habit, been buying from Red Bird Coffee forever, but decided its time to try different things.

Had already decided to try Klatch when I figured out they have a location about 15 mins from my work, but was going to wait a bit.

Since they are having an Easter sale (see Klatch Easter egg thread to find the codes), I want to buy a 5lb bag of something. And maybe a 12oz of another bean just to try out.

Right now I'm leaning towards the Belle blend.

Looking for chocolate shot, but open to anything good. Grinder is Kinu M47 phoenix and pulling with my Expobar Office.


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#2: Post by TomC »

They have an espresso lover's 3 pack that looks like it would be fun to compare.

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#3: Post by nguye569 »

I've only tried the Klatch Belle Espresso and loved it. One of the few blends I've tried where I could actually get the tasting notes described.

randytsuch (original poster)

#4: Post by randytsuch (original poster) »

I called the cafe by me, and they said outdoor seating only, but they will serve a shot in ceramic if requested.
Online is says to go only, and I wasn't going to get a shot in a paper cup.

They are pulling shots with their House Espresso today.

So going to go there in a bit, and give that a try.



#5: Post by caeffe »

I've tried both Belle and WBC. Both are good in different ways. I've tried various other offerings they've had either as drip/pourover/espresso. IMO you can't go wrong with whatever they offer. Their San Dimas location is closest to me and is where I go when I'm in the area (I'm in OC). I've also ordered online.

Belle is more similar to Redbird than WBC. It says "brandy" but my palate recognizes as more like "rum" :). Belle is very similar to GMC and Redbird as far as flavor profile.
WBC is "brighter", leaning more on the citrus/sour side. I probably needed to pull it hotter but I don't have a machine (Oscar, Elektra uCasa, europiccola) with temperature monitoring capabilities.

At the San Dimas location they sometime offer Single Origin shots and would allow me to try their other offerings (WBC, Belle, House) as an espresso/latte/cap. Of course since COVID I haven't been there in over a year so it could be different now.
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randytsuch (original poster)

#6: Post by randytsuch (original poster) »

Went to the Redondo Beach Klatch.

Had a shot there, the place is open to take orders, and you can drink on their patio.
Barista said they had to change over to Belle for a short while, so I got to try a Belle shot.

Was really good, would be very happy if I could get anywhere close to what he pulled.
I'm not good at describing shots, so not going to try.

I'd expect the San Dimas would have similar rules now, both LA county.


#7: Post by jcmonty »

I recently bought their WBC and Belle based on a more experienced with espresso friend.

So far, I have enjoyed both immensely. WBC was the first espresso I could say that I tasted the berry notes. I am sure with more experience and better equipment it would even be more pronounced. It was a bit finicky to get dialed, but chalk that up to my newness and lower end equipment. I actually liked this at a bit ratio (2.5 to 3:1) as a shot or americano. My wife didn't really like this in her milk drinks as much as say a Hayes Valley.

Belle we just started on. My notes say "smooth" and "balanced". In milk it was really sweet and chocolatey. Easier to pull as well. They claim this is medium -dark roast, but from a color perspective there is some fairly light beans mixed with medium.
Hope that helps!

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#8: Post by CarefreeBuzzBuzz »

You may want to consider a number of varieties including Single Origins. We have liked many. Enjoying the Rwanda Dry Process today. We roast it ourselves though.
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#9: Post by GC7 »

CarefreeBuzzBuzz wrote:Enjoying the Rwanda Dry Process today. We roast it ourselves though.
Michael- I was looking at that Rwanda Natural to add to a 25% discount order. Cupping notes are very interesting and different. I was thinking it would make a good complex medium roast. Do you recommend it?

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#10: Post by CarefreeBuzzBuzz » replying to GC7 »


So my first roast it wasn't stellar, and as you may know we drink only espresso here, but I love it as a SO here 4 days post roast. I went light, only 14˚post FCs. The hump isn't ideal but first time roasting this bean. I bought it thinking it would have body and blend well also. It doesn't disappoint for us as espresso.

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