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Discuss flavors, brew temperatures, blending, and cupping notes.
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#11: Post by GC7 »

Thanks! I was planning on espresso as well


#12: Post by dreadnatty08 »

Haven't tried Klatch yet but taking advantage of that discount. :)
Ordered some decaf espresso and the Panama Natural. If it's anything like the one from Brandywine I had last year, I can't wait. It was definitely a fruit bomb as this one is described.

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randytsuch (original poster)

#13: Post by randytsuch (original poster) »

Just ordered a big bag of Belle, and some Worka Ethiopia. Decided to try that as a SO because I like a good Ethiopian.

Thanks for the advice.



#14: Post by Iowa_Boy »

Has anyone tried the Brazil Klatch Diamond Reserve?
Thinking of placing an order for some of the Ethiopia Worka and Rwanda Huye, and tempted to try the Brazil as a base for some blends.

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#15: Post by CarefreeBuzzBuzz »

Sounds similar to the Fazenda Rainha Natural which we use a blender most of the time. Both naturals. So I am guessing the Diamond is good too. But if you are buying already roasted just note they do it Medium, whatever that means to them.
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#16: Post by JohnB. »

I've roasted one pound of the Brazil Diamond Reserve so far & I can see why they go with a medium (Full City?) roast. I ended this roast 24*F after 1C took off with a 2 minute development time. Even though this put the roast about mid way between a C+ & Full City roast the Blood Orange Klatch mentions is more of an in your face citric rind punch. I'll take the next/last roast of the 2 lbs I bought a bit darker & longer? to see if it tones a bit.


#17: Post by Acavia »

dreadnatty08 wrote:Haven't tried Klatch yet but taking advantage of that discount. :)
What discount?

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#18: Post by yakster »

There was a 25GRIND 25% off coupon for Klatch for Easter weekend. I don't think it's still available.

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randytsuch (original poster)

#19: Post by randytsuch (original poster) »

My beans arrived yesterday (Weds). Roast date was Tues, I guess the advantage of living nearby.

So must wait a while before I can try.