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Jost received some coffee from Fjord, it was definitely light by german standards. By far the lightest I gotten from a German roaster for very long time

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I had a couple of Fjords. Light but they still had a strong lingering bitterness, not sure why, But it was a couple of years ago


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Roast defects most likely

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Just received a La Cabra. Thankfully not as dark as the ones I had in 2020. Probably like before. Still not as light as, say, Friedhats, but still nice


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I am very much looking forward to trying some of the recommendations here. I just ordered from Rum Baba and was about to order from Nero Scuro but the shipping of 24€ within Europe is crazy high, there seem to be no other options nor a threshold for free shipping or is there a trick.

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I think you'll be happy with Rum Baba

Neroscuro wow, that is a lot.. try checking with them via mail or DM on Instagram, they're quite reactive. Maybe there's an error in the quoted price. Of course 24€ is not feasible for a quick trip (if you are from Berlin as per the bio)


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Wow Nero Scuro answered super quick and have the nicest customer service I experienced in a long while. The shipping is soooo expensive due to express delivery, however a slower and cheaper option would be nice. I understand that the italian post, while being cheaper, does not have tracking and is exceptionally slow on occasion, so it is no option.


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Hmm, well it's up to them, but honestly I think in the recent years Poste Italiane has worked really nice and quick. At least here in northern Italy. My only problem is one of our local post men/women who is more like a post ninja. You never hear their visit, just find the note of absence!


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MY post guy is the same. It is strange how all delivery services underpay their employees but rather spend the money to send them to Japan for Ninja training ;)


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I also ordered some beans from La Cabra when they offered free shipping. Not really lighter than I'm used to, but that is already light I guess :wink:
Had some Friedhats as well recently. Both were nice, perhaps a bit too clean really, but good quality.

3 comments about the beans from La Cabra (Colombia, La Celia, Anderson Castrillón. Anoxic fermentation, washed castillo):
I did have to grind significantly finer (~100µm) than usual or the drawdown was way too fast. Not sure if this was because of anoxic processing though..
There were quite a few broken or basically pinched beans in the bag, looked like mechanical damage during or after roasting.
The shipping was pretty slow given that I'm in a neighbouring country. Our postal services are actually run by the same company. Got the beans 2 weeks old and they did not improve with age.

Anyway, since it hasn't been mentioned yet I'd like to recommend https://www.standoutcoffee.com/collections/specialty - especially for those that like fairly edgy beans. I haven't tried their competition style coffee though.