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Jshot wrote:Their website has the parameters
Those parameters never really work with my setup. I ended up starting out with 17.5g (Day 8 post roast) & finishing off with 17.8 on the Flying Monkey. 18.4g on Flatlander (day 15). Both 200°. I enjoyed both blends. More of your typical espresso roast--it's a medium roast, but no citrus/fruit. Both smooth & enjoyable. Enjoyable.

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I'm not as particular as other about parameters.......I do 18-19g in an E61 HX machine, close to 200F, and pull. 19-20g in a Flair58 at high.
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I really like Compass Coffee's Delirium Blend. Comes out at $22/lb. for a 2 lb. bag. I always get chocolate/caramel with this one. You can also find a discount if you search on the forums here.
BuckleyT wrote:Blue Bottle's Hayes Valley has been my daily driver for quite a while now despite the USPS's efforts to come between us.
Been paying $18 for 12 oz (free shipping) but they just announced a $3 price increase. That is a 20% hit, just about.

I need to find a classic Snickers bar style espresso. More complex is good but floral high ends are not appreciated.

This forum is populated by aficionados of Geisha roasts and other limited SO roasts that require a banker's letter of credit to obtain; that is not what I am seeking. The daily should cost a buck fifty per ounce or close, including shipping. I grind on a CompakWBC and use a lever. Some roasts do not like to be lever-extracted and some roasts do best on levers. I would like a lever-friendly roast.

Do not like anything from Red Bird, Nossa Familia, or Lusso. I live in Atlanta, which is a coffee desert since Octane folded. If nothing is forthcoming I will go back to Counter Culture's Number 46, which has gotten a little too dependable (read 'boring').

Thank you for eyeballing this.