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Picked up a bag of this at my local Winners (Canadian version of TJ Maxx/Marshall's) for $15CAD.

According to their website:
"The flavour is sweet and citrus-flavoured, heavy-bodied, with floral notes and mild acidity, leaving a delightful and strong aftertaste in mouth.

The blend is made of top quality coffees, with a perfect balance of smell, taste and flavour.

It is composed by Brazilian Arabica coffees, Central American low acid washed coffee, Ethiopian coffee with middle acidity and Indian and Central American Robusta, that are patiently cultivated by small-scale growers from around the world and that we search and select for our most demanding customers.

Light and slow roasting."

Well balanced shot with dark chocolate notes and a pleasant after taste. Body is a little thinner than I'd expect for a Robusta containing blend. 17g in 34g out 198 degrees.