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Pino wrote:Tony. I see from a previous post in June that you prefer the Lavazza Gold selection. Which other blend do you like? Where do you source them? I live in Niagara and I'm in Toronto every other week. Years ago I lived in Germsny and would buy the super crema and Top Class.
The best Italian roast I've had by miles was the Lavazza Gold Selection. You can get that off Amazon Canada. It's pricey. The Top Class' robusta ratio or quality isn't quite right. I never really liked it. The Super Crema was a much more pleasant experience. It's similar to Kimbo Superior, but it has more depth of flavour. The Superior is super bland.

If you can try the Gold. I'd give it a shot, at least once.
I know I've pulled a great shot when the flavour is 'like a beany taste that tastes like a bean'.


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I've now gone through two kilos of Cartapani Cinqestelle. Stuff is absolutely fantastic. Highly recommend.


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Maybe I need to try this again... I didn't have amazing results the first time.
I really love Mokaflor though. Has anyone tried their gold blend?

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I had a cup of Kopi Luwak in Bali. Freshly pooped out, cleaned, roasted, brewed.

It was a really good cup of coffee.