How to extract oils to make "dirty coffee"

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Hello, I live in Thailand and in coffee shops, a "dirty" is common. It is cold milk topped by espresso oil drops that has almost a burned smell. The oil drops are clearly visible and floating on top of the milk. ... ?region=th

I am trying to understand how to properly extract these oils. I use linea mini with Niche grinder, and here is what I was told by different baristas so far:

• Use finer grind size than fire usual espresso
• Use larger dose: I put 20 instead of the usual 18g
• Use bottomless portafilter instead of spout. I don't have bottomless.
• Reduce the pressure to 6 bars instead of 9bars. Cannot do that easily with linea mini
• Use Dark roast, not Medium.

Are these right and is there something else missing?

My dirty is not bad, but I do not get the same burn smell like in coffee shops. less