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How often do you change espresso blends?

Never (one blend only)
Every couple weeks
At least once a week
Every couple days
Other (explain)
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#21: Post by jrtatl »

cannonfodder wrote:Lets see, right now I have espresso Havana,
How's the Havana? I almost bought some last week, but ordered from someone else instead.

If you've tried CC Espresso La Forza, how does the Havana compare to/contrast with the La Forza?



#22: Post by alsterlingcafe »

iiifrank wrote:I chose other. I stick with Black Cat for the most part. Every couple months or so, I try a pound of something else and then switch right back. :)
I could say this post was timely.....but I realized that it dates back to mid year! Oh well, a subject always worthy of consideration. Before reading this post, I was pondering the issue of being experimental vs being a "home body" with just one blend. Like Frank, I'm stuck on one blend. While I love variety, it just hasn't worked for me with my home roasting and espresso. Truth is, I stumbled across Malabar Gold early on, when I got into specialty coffee. I started buying it roasted from a dealer, then roasted direct from Josuma and now, green from an authorized distributor. It has been my "house blend" since the beginning.

Now, here is my question. Does this make sense to any of you? I've visited Stumptown, Vivace, Kean's (Martin Diedrich's) and a few other notable espresso cafes on the West Coast. I figured their blends would be best tasted from the source, right? So I ordered a double espresso and then the house cappuccino; as short as possible. I've also brewed various roasted blends from roasters who supply commercial accounts. This was my way to find out if there would be an alternate flavor that I could grab onto. Would I have had better luck if I'd studied blending techniques and then home roasted???

While I have enjoyed the various blends, I didn't then, and don't today, believe that I can do justice to changing blends and single origins on a weekly basis. I tried, but aside from needing a second grinder, I just don't trust that my roasting and brewing will be true to the intentions of the blend's founder. Sure, I could try to find my own preferences, but believe it would require more time than I'm willing to devote. I have spent so much time working with the Malabar, that with my speed of experimentation, I just don't think I'd get 'em all dialed in by the end of the decade!?

Bottom line, I tend to envy some of you that have the knowledge, experience and talent to experiment through so many blends. Would it be easier if it were "drip processing?"

Best, Al in SoCal

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Team HB

#23: Post by cannonfodder »

jrtatl wrote:How's the Havana? I almost bought some last week, but ordered from someone else instead.

If you've tried CC Espresso La Forza, how does the Havana compare to/contrast with the La Forza?

I have not tried the CC offerings. I have gone to order several occasions to find their commerce site was down. I will be getting some in the next week or two.

I have only pulled a few shots from the Havana so my impressions are cursory and subject to change.

It is a darker roast than the Classico, quite a bit darker, I would call it full city +. Dark chocolate color with 50% surface oils if I remember correctly. I am not at home right now. Deep toned and thick mouth feel with some hints of citrus if I remember correctly. The aroma had distinct floral and the cup was pleasantly sweet. Works best at a lower brew temperature for me so far, should work good in milk.

Keep an eye on the Gaggia Achille Bench report. I am doing espresso testing and posting notes and videos of the extractions. Most all the bean on my list will make an appearance.
Dave Stephens


#24: Post by Layvodvo »

Sometimes when somebody tells me about his favorite I try it.


#25: Post by zin1953 »

HB wrote:Do you change less or more frequently?
I change less frequently, but not as often as the lowest option permitted in the poll.

I (sort of) find a good thing and then stick with it, so . . . for the past couple of months, I've been on Flying Goat -- both their Espresso Ticino (blended 50-50 with their Espresso Ticino Decaf) for straight espresso, and their Espresso Vesuvio (again, blended 50-50 with their Espresso Ticino Decaf) for milk drinks. That's at home -- thank heaven for two grinders!

Since there is only one grinder at the office, I'm on my "old standby" for espresso: Peet's Mocha Sa'anni.
A morning without coffee is sleep. -- Anon.

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#26: Post by Marshall »

For me, sticking with one blend would be like drinking the same wine with every meal.

I rotate through six blends on my "usual" list, a pound at a time, that I pick up from Supreme Bean on my way home from the office. Occasionally I spice things up with a mail order or pickup from a roaster who isn't on my commute route.

I keep the "sink shots" to a minimum by keeping notes on the best temp and grind for each blend.
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