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How much coffee do you consume per year?

1-10 pounds
10-20 pounds
20-30 pounds
30-40 pounds
40-60 pounds
More than some small European villages
Total votes: 76

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#11: Post by bill »

My vote went for the 'village' category. I buy about a pound of beans a week for home use plus coffee at work for my wife and I. That figures out to about 75 lbs per year.

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#12: Post by Teme »

We are a two person household and we go through 500 grams (a bit over a lb) a week on average. I say on average as we both spend about 50 days a year "on the road" travelling on business. Some weeks we may go through a kilo (more than two lb).

We were both born and currently live in one of the Nordic countries who are notorious (?) in their world leading coffee consumption averaging at around 25 lb per year per person. Therefore my response of 40-60 lb for the household puts us firmly in the ballpark of the average for the region ;)



#13: Post by Ron_L »

We go through a pound a week on average, too, so I voted 40-60.

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#14: Post by OkcEspresso »

I am burning (not literally) through a lot of coffee while learning how to roast. Still about 50% is being given away.

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#15: Post by cannonfodder (original poster) »

Interesting results but not surprising. After all, anyone that invests so much money in equipment and so much time in learning the craft is bound to consume more coffee than your average pre ground supermarket twenty dollar drip machine coffee drinker.
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#16: Post by Bertie Doe »

3 doubles pd + 4 doubles pd at w/ends, that's 11.5oz per week = 37lbs per annum. About 10 mins after my espresso, when the afterglow has subsided, I look at the residue on the walls of the cup and hurridly down a chaser (3oz cup of cold clear water). Look on water as medicine - and hold your nose.


#17: Post by dankbean »

1/8 lb every morning for a french press.
5 days a week
52 x 5 x 0.125 = 32.5? (i'm doing this in my head)

compensate for waste......I have used around 30 lbs this year for french press.

For espresso? I have no earthly idea. Here's to working for a roaster!!! *clinky*

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#18: Post by Worldman »

For wifey & me it is 1 pound every 5 or 6 days...for espresso, with ~60% of that going to me. In addition, she uses ~1/4# of drip coffee per week.


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#19: Post by woodchuck »

We're a two person family not counting the three goldens but they don't impact the coffee consumption too much. We go through about one pound of espresso a week between the two of us. I'll go through another half a pound of french press if I'm out consulting somewhere. So 70 or so pounds a year for the two of us. That's not counting the Friday coffee geek meetings. Hate to think how much espresso I drink there:-)


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#20: Post by Alchemist »

Cannonfodder - I am right there with you as an outlier.

I easily do over 60# a year, by myself. 42 g every morning, and another 20-40 g for espresso most mornings. And that does not count "the crazy times". And of course, those are roasted weights - my green weights of course would be a bit higher.

That would explain the why I felt I needed to build my 1 lb roaster.

But shoosh - a little over 1 lb a week - that doesn't sound that crazy at all.
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