How many grams do you drink per cup or per day?

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#1: Post by dsc106 »

I usually drink a 19g double shot espresso once per day, or if I brew, a single 20g brew.

I'm curious as to how much others drink per day/cup regularly. I've seen some things recently that make me wonder if I am making larger doses per cup @ 20g than most other people. Is it common to brew smaller single serving, closer to 12g-16g?

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I drink 1-cup per day usually of 18.2g ground coffee for about 38g of espresso in a 5.5oz cup making a flat white.

My wife usually drinks 1-espresso of decaf per day same ratio with very little milk.
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#3: Post by tennisman03110 »

I have one V-60 Monday through Friday. 22g or 25g, depending how I feel.

On weekends, I use my espresso machine. Two or three shots per day, 18g each.

Roughly 220 grams per week.

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#4: Post by yakster »

I brew 60 grams of coffee in 900 ml of water every day and drink about half of that, leaving the rest for my family to combine with creamer and enjoy.

I sometimes add espresso shots to the mix or brew additional pots of coffee if we're having company.

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#5: Post by sethde »

36 to 54 grams per day. For example, two 18 gram shots and one 18 gram Stagg X pourover.

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#6: Post by PIXIllate »

Two shots with 17-18.5g in each. Usually pulled to about 27-32g out.


#7: Post by jgood »

3 double short caps, each 20 gr in/30gr out, spread out over the day. Just finished my last one.

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#8: Post by JB90068 »

In bean weight - 72 grams per day or four shots of espresso for my wife and I.
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#9: Post by velomash »

This might be a bit embarrassing given other replies, but... everyday my wife and I have:
1 18g espresso shot for a morning latte
2-3 16g chemex cups

For both of us it's around 800g a week lol

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#10: Post by Chert »

43.5 g
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