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#51: Post by derylob »

I make 1 triple shot (21 g) americano for myself daily

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#52: Post by mdmvrockford »

34 grams to 40 grams per day (17 to 20 grams per espresso one to two times per day)
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#53: Post by martinlhoff »

Interesting chatter! I upgraded from about 4-5 capsules (8g?) of Nespresso daily to a La Pavoni on which i initially did 4-5 cups daily of 14g and I... was a bit strung out :-)

I've now dialled down to 10g per cup, still 4-5 -- 3 in the morning, one right after lunch, and I'm in a happy place again. So... 40g in a typical day.

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#54: Post by MNate »

15g dose, 33ish yield, + 100 grams of milk.
3 of these for me which I slowly make and drink throughout the day.
3 of them for my wife which I make before she heads to work. she basically chugs them!

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#55: Post by Robph914 »

Somewhere between 15g -> 45g each day. Essentially 15g dose per cup.

Every day: Split 500ml pour over with my partner (15g of coffee each.)

And then if I'm feeling spicy, I may brew one more 500ml brew for myself (one more round of 30g of coffee.)


#56: Post by pcofftenyo »

JohanR wrote:This was interesting to see. Being from a country of coffee adicts I thought my 56-70 grams per day would be close to the average, but clearly not. And stopping to drink coffee at 3 pm I have no problems to fall asleep at night - at least I have convinced myself that is the case :D
I'm more in your range Johan, clearly over the norm.


#57: Post by DrAri »

18g in the basket. Close to 100 grams extracted/day :shock:

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#58: Post by Mbb »

29 g per 16 oz cup

Two oer day


#59: Post by macal425 »

19g in, 36-38g out, twice a day in the morning, Americano's. If I have made a particularly delicious second cup, I may sneak in a third while I still have the memory of what I did right. :D


#60: Post by calmcoffee »

A lot of these numbers are a lot lower than I'd have thought. I usually have a double first thing in the morning, then an Americano so I have something to sip while working. Another double mid-morning, another after lunch, and another after work. A double or maybe a macchiato after dinner if its not too late. Still experimenting but typically 20g in 40 out.

That's 120 grams/day. I did just get a new machine though after a year with only autodrip and Aeropress, so it may come down in time. Working from home 3 days a week also makes it easy to overindulge on those days. I think I've done 160+ in a day, but it certainly impacts sleep way too much.