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I've worked as a bartender in a high profile restaurant over here and the coffee was dreadful..but everyone loved it because it was a 60/40 miscela with strong taste and aroma and loads of caffeine
I used to bring my own beans and grinder and brew great espresso though


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Smith wrote:Does anyone else know what I'm talking about, or am I just crazy?
I know exactly what you are talking about. I've said this for years to my wife. So now I have to track down a quality viannese and give it a try. Any other recommendations for commercially available blends in the US?

Also, probably sounds a bit silly, but all I have is my espresso machine. Think this would go as well as a (really) long black?
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It's components don't match Jim's template that closely but you might try Counter Culture's Forty Six for that sort of flavor. I make it at 10:1 in an Aeropress at relatively low temperature, and it does resemble my vague memories of "good" European restaurant coffee. I like it as a break between lighter roasts.

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Cool, they took Don Schoenholt's East Africa/Sumatra recipe and replaced the Sumatra with a presumably smokey Guatemala.
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