How best to drink Gesha Natural Anaerobic Fermentation?

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I just ordered some lovely Inker cappuccino cups from Canadian roaster/coffee supplier iDrinkCoffee. The box just arrived and, huzzah!, they included a free 340g bag of Gesha Natural Anaerobic Fermentation! (It retails for $70 on their site ... rmentation - spendy!). Question is, how am I best to drink this?

I have an ECM Synchronika so could dial in some espresso with it, or brew it as a V60 pourover, Chemex, french press, electric drip, or Hoffman's newest Aeropress technique...
For non-espresso, I have been thoroughly enjoying the recent Hoffman Aeropress recipe/technique - truly the best brewed coffee I've had in a while - so I am inclined to try this. But this bean is so unknown to me I want to make sure I experience it in the best way.

For brewed coffee, I do drink it with a little milk, which goes against the grain of the normal coffee obsessive. Is that going to go well with this bean (everything I've read implies this is quite different than your average coffee).

So, please share your thoughts/ideas on how best to enjoy the bean.

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I've been trying anaerobics recently, both brewed and espresso. What stands out about them compared to regular natural process is that they all have a strong bourbon barrel taste, not alcoholic, but oak, vanilla, etc. If you've ever tried coffees that were stored in bourbaon barrels green, prior to roasting, you will be close.

To me, the barrel aged flavor is a tad weird for espresso, but nice in brewed coffee -- your taste may tend otherwise.
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Holy s**t I thought I was crazy, thank you for saying that. A couple years ago I got a coffee that was stored in bourbon barrels while green from a company out of Memphis called Vice & Virtue. It was surprisingly wonderful, rich, and delicious when brewed French press. I really enjoyed it. Then about a month ago I got the black label anaerobic gesha from Black and White Roasters. The tasting notes where floral, citrus, and blue raspberry candy. While there was a delicious big berry fruity acidity present that fit their notes, I was surpassingly smacked in the face with a boozy flavor that immediately reminded me of that bourbon barrel coffee. It was a very distinct bourbon vanilla sweetness, it was really good. I've had a lot of anaerobics and never noticed this before but that specific coffee really did.