Help with George Howell Daterra Brazil.

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8 days post roast. I have tried 18g and 20g doses with extraction ratios of 1:2 at 200F and at 203F. I have adjusted the grinder to give me that ratio at 26secs, 32secs and 40secs. The equipment is an E61 double boiler and Niche grinder. I also use third wave water. RDT, WDT and Force Tamper as I have done for years. The flavor is incredibly harsh and disgusting no matter what. Almost like dirty rancid brew head. I cleaned both the brewhead and grinder, but it made no difference. Other coffees I have on hand taste just fine. Maybe I have to go even lower or higher on temperature? Before I keep wasting any more beans I figured Id ask here for anyone with experience with these beans. Any suggestions?

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If its GH Daterra Espresso, Brazil I had very good success most of the summer and into early fall with basic to 1:2 ratio at 8-12 days post roast. I dose 18g in a 20g VST basket (getting big bloom so I needed more headspace than using 18g/18gVST or 20g/20gVST), 10-12 second PI/PB then full brew to 36g in 28-seconds; 200F. Definitely tasted chocolate & nut...couldn't get blueberry as they describe but it was very good just the same.

OTOH, if its GH Daterra Sundrop...well good luck as I could never consistently get anywhere close to tasty with those beans. Out of a couple pounds I had one good pull but couldn't repeat it.
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Tried to go lower than 200F and that was a massive mistake. The flavor was even worse. Went back to 203, but his time I pulled a 1:1.5 so 20in/30out in 26secs. That got rid of the rancid disgusting flavor I have experiencing since the very first shot, but the harshness was still very present. I may try to adjust a bit coarser and see what happens, but the harshness is so strong that I dont see a 23sec pull making much of a difference. This is the one part of this hobby that I hate. Spending all morning throwing shot after shot in the sink.


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I pulled this at 1:2 and 198 degrees (or equivalent, I used the adaptive profile from the decent).

Ground at 13.5 on the niche with 15g dose, 15g basket.

This seems to be a medium light roast so I recommend dosing less and grinding finer. You definitely need a large pre infusion with a bit of blooming here to extract the fruit flavor. Coffee was flowing with 1.2-1.7g/s

I definitely get a blueberry flavor from it. When you mix it with milk, it tastes a bit like sour milk and that may be what bothers you. This coffee tastes like a dark chocolate blueberry muffin, if such a thing existed.


Try Alchemy, it's probably one of the best if not the best espresso blend out there.

If you like Daterra coffees and want something more traditional try the Daterra from ninth st espresso. That's my daily driver. Only coffee I always buy two pounds of.