Has anyone tried Klatch Yirgacheffe Koke Honey?

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Mine just arrived today. It was roasted 2 days ago, so I won't be trying it until later in the week.

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No, but I ordered some from Klatch. Have you tried it yet?

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Not yet. I'm out of town and will try it on Thursday.


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I also received a bag this weekend. Roasted 4/4. I'll either open Easter weekend, or push it to 4/24. I've got lots of fresh coffee right now.

Interested in how others find it best.

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I finally tried mine this morning. I had intended to start with Klatch's recommendation of a 1:1.8 ratio.

My guess at where to set my grinder was a bit too fine. Using a 18g dose, I did a 3 bar pre-infusion until first drip which took 20 seconds, followed by a 9 bar extraction. The flow was really slow. I was worried about over-extraction so I stopped the shot at 30g yield (1:1.6), which took 45 seconds in addition to the PI.

The shot tasted pretty good. It was just slightly on the sour side; if I had gone a bit longer I think it would have been perfect. I got lots of fruit and berry flavors, although my untrained palate isn't able to identify the specific fruits or berries I was tasting. There were no notes of chocolate, caramel, etc. so if you are looking for more traditional espresso flavors then this isn't the coffee for you.

I took a few sips of the shot, and then added milk for a cappuccino. I think this coffee is better consumed straight than with milk. I'll try it again this afternoon as an Americano, using a coarser grind and a longer ratio.

This is only the 2nd Yirgacheffe I've ever tried. The previous one was a very light roast from Ritual that was intended to be brewed as filter coffee. It tasted more like tea than coffee. This medium roast seems a lot more approachable and is much easier to dial in.

Update from 4/15:

18:33g appears to be the sweet spot. I ground coarser so that I do a PI at 3 bar until first drip (10 seconds) followed by a normal infusion at 9 bar (30 seconds). This is one of the sweetest shots I've ever pulled. It works great as both a straight shot and as an Americano.

I prefer a more traditional blend (such as Klatch Belle) for my daily driver, but I will enjoy going through this bag.

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I just opened a 4/28 roast date today. It's very good. I agree, very sweet. A solid medium roast and darker than what I often get but not too dark. Currently around 19g in and 33 out in 26s, which is close to the bag recipe. Sweet but also fairly bold at that ratio so I might try a coarser and longer shot to compare. In milk it was also very good, the flavors were very complimentary to the cappuccino.

Above results are on the MC4 (conical burrs). The P64 (flat SSP high-uniformity burrs) I did not get quite as good results on so far, showed more of a funky flavor component (hard to describe) that I have tasted in other Klatch blends.