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Going back 20-30 years, I've always had an aversion to Guatemala coffees. Whether it was at Starbucks or small coffee shops, there was always a flavor note that I did not enjoy. I've never had a great palate, so could not quite put my finger on the note that I found unpleasant. I started on my own espresso trip a couple of years ago and have steered clear of Guatemala coffee's, unless they are part of an espresso roast, until recently. I have an Atlas Coffee subscription and have had some great coffees from it. The latest batch I got was a Guatemala Finca San Victor. When I opened it I was initially disappointed, however, I thought it would be interesting to try. I also felt that my prep/brewing abilities have improved a lot and I should be able to coax something good out of it. I was wrong. The same unpleasantness was there with the aroma of the beans when I opened the bag. Then, when I pulled my first shot, that unpleasant flavor note was there. I now believe it to be a burnt/smoky wood type flavor. To make it worse, the unpleasant flavor lingered in my mouth for a couple of hours. For anyone that is familiar with Guatemala, is this a common flavor note?

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Any coffee can have the same flavor note. It's a roasting defect. Like battery acid on the roof of your mouth


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Guatemala, in my experience, have a very nice flavor but mostly generic citrus, a bit floral, tea-like and sugarcane. I rarely drink them so take it as a grain of salt.

Since the ones I came across are good enough to be lightly roasted, I don't think its the origin's problem.

I think the ones you had was defective from either roasting or low grade beans.