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#21: Post by Espesotime »

Is Happy Mug recommendation.. their "Big Foot espresso" if so how do you like it.


#22: Post by CSME9 »

Not the East Coast, Caffe D Arte Seattle WA offers 4 espresso blends, ships usps priority mail, 5 lbs $59.99 includes shipping.


#23: Post by PhilthyCoffee »

I've found that Passenger out of Lancaster is a great value, if your into clean tasting light to light medium roasts. 2# of Montecarlos, a true light/medium, is $41.50. Hands down one of the best espressos I've ever made, so so good. 5# is $99 with free shipping and occasional 10% off coupons. I like that their 2# offerings are just about the same cost as 5#.

Just ordered more Montecarlos, 2# of Mikuba Honey Process, and threw in a 5oz bag of Edwin Cuellar Maragogipe to sample.

I'm pretty cheap, but the way their pricing is structured, the fact they sell all the way down to 5oz, and their quality, I find myself paying a little more than usual and still feeling like I've found a great value proposition.