Great Decaf Coffee In Ontario, BC or Anywhere In Canada?

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I am looking for great decaf espresso beans roasted to medium-dark (ie Full City+) or dark-medium (Vienna) level. Unfortunately the number of roasters who truly know how to roast decaf is limited and most only produce one decaf. Sigh!

I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I prefer to buy in the GTA (or GGHA) but will buy from anywhere in Canada. BC (especially Vancouver) has a number of great roasters.

Any tried and true suggestions (you've bought, tasted and liked it) will be gratefully appreciated, along with any roast level and tasting notes.

FYI, I tend to drink espresso in milk drinks, using my Niche Zero Lelit Elizabeth. I'm searching for a used lever machine, in the hopes that it will help me improve body, strength, balance, flavour and length, in which case I might start drinking straight decaf shots. And maybe one day I will extract a medium roast shot that I like; so far, I have found every medium roast decaf I brew to have taste notes I don't like.


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Try Dark Lie from I don't drink decaf, but my wife really likes it, both as espresso or as a pourover no milk or sugar.

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We've been drinking this linked to decaf for year & STILL enjoying it! ... _container
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Cafe Lusso Lionshare is worth trying.
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i'll throw my hat in the ring on this one and raise my hand high in the air for Le Refuge from Nektar.
we started by getting a 340g bag to test it out and subsequently have ordered a 2lb bag since we all seem to really enjoy it any time, esp those when we don't want the caffeine.
great as a double-shot on its own (my pref), and can confirm as exceptional in a milk drink (Mrs pref).
21g in/42g out @ 92C ... 6452506699

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I haven't tried their decaf but I will say that I've been very impressed with Nektar as a roaster. I've had a few very good coffees from them in the last couple of months.


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Any recommendation on a Good espresso from Nectar? Beside the decaf one.

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I've ordered a couple of bags of this and had a good time: ... 5073946908

Came up as 22/23 of the Roast Vision so it's a medium light and I had no problems getting good extractions.

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VirTERM wrote:Any recommendation on a Good espresso from Nectar? Beside the decaf one.
in addition to the decaf, we have tried three of their blends so far. no single origin as yet. but they are on our radar.
up to today, our preferred caffeinated double pull is La Seve, closely followed by L'ete Indien.
while somewhat similar in the cup, i am already gearing up to order a 5lb of La Seve. and for those that look for it, it's a crema monster. ... 4601496651

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Duck Duck Coffee Roasters had a killer Ethiopian Guji decaf more on the lighter side though.
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