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Mpls / St.Paul Minnesota
These shops are consistently excellent and both had entrants in this year's SCAA Barista championships. They know how to make the three group Synessos sing.

Black Sheep Coffee Cafe
705 Southview Boulevard
South Saint Paul, MN 55075
(651) 554-0155
( This is a Paradise Roaster's shop with all the quality that implies.)

Kopplin's Coffee
490 Hamline Avenue South
St. Paul, MN.
( They have a selection of different roasters' best on hand for the Clovers and one or two quality roasts for the espresso machine.)

They are a 70mile drive for me and darn well worth it whenever I can find an excuse to travel there.
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Destin Fl

I found a shop close to the corner of HWY 98 and Gulf shore drive, across from MOE's restaurant. (The name was "coffee grill" I believe) They had good eats and fresh roasted beans. Great place close to the beach to get your caffeine fix when on vacation. Saved me from the mermaids and my caffeine headache..


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This might be a shot in the dark, but does anyone know a good cafe in Sapparo, Japan? I'll be there for a month, and I know nothing about the coffee scene. Thanks



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Austin, TX - Cafe Medici (had 1 in semifinals at USBC), JP's Java



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Second the comments for Austin, TX.

JP's Java is pretty good... they serve Zoka Paladino shots, but often auto grind/tamp using a LM Swift.

Caffe Medici is my favorite... they pull a custom blend that I quite enjoy from Texas-based roaster Cuvee Coffee. The baristas build their shots by hand (no Swift) and seem to enjoy discussing coffee with the coffee geek / home barista crowd.

For brewed coffee, JP's serves Clover and Medici does french press.

Mozart's in Austin has a gorgeous setting on the lake, and they roast their own. But the coffee quality is middle-of-the-road, and lines can be long.


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Last time I was at Medici they were also using a Swift but the resulting coffee was quite nice. I think some of the baristas elect to use the Mazzer. Have they gotten rid of their Swift? I don't recall what grinder JP's had when I was there last.



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I think I read that Medici had a Swift when they first opened, but then decided to get rid of it. No Swift in sight on my last 2 visits to Austin this spring.

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yes Medici got rid of their Swift after Patrick Pierce won the South Central Regional last June, and took over training all the baristas how to use the mazzer.

I've also had great shots at Bar None Coffee in Georgetown, and Caffe Tazza in Tyler
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Chert (original poster)

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Dauphin Island, AL: The Cow and Bean. It was a pleasant surprise to have a great shot after a walk on the beach. The ice cream was good, too. That was right before Rita and Katrina, but it looks like the cafe is still there.


Edit: I just learned that this good cafe is closed and the equipment up for sale. (6/29/2008)
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Santa Cruz: Verve Coffee Roasters, Fins, Lulu's.

Santa Rosa: Ecco Cafe.

Santa Clara: Barefoot Coffee Roasters.
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