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#1: Post by keno »

Anyone tried "Golden Ratio Coffee"? From the description in the article:
Gold coffee is essentially an ultra-light coffee that looks closer to tea than your average cup of joe, with some additional benefits. Golden Ratio takes single-origin beans from Nicaragua, Brazil and Ethiopia, and roasts them at lower temperatures for a longer duration. The result is coffee that's much less acidic and not as bitter.
Sounds like a great way to bake the deliciousness of fine coffees right out of them. :shock: It's brewed like tea and costs about $2 per single serving bag, which is quite expensive.

Article: ... index.html

Company website:

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#2: Post by yakster »

Reminds me of this...

Thoughts on Arabic (Gulf) coffee?

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#3: Post by keno » replying to yakster »

Interesting thread, thanks. Does indeed seem quite similar. Might be a viable niche for Golden Ratio if they can find enough repeat customers.